Sunday, 30 December 2007

Pen Spinning

When I was in school years ago, the teachers actually banned us from doing this in exam hall! Apart from pen, we were considered cool if we can spin our books too.


  1. Hi Bad!!
    Pen spinning.. hik hik hik.. sampai sekarang pun rasa kembang idung dapat pusing pen.. kekeke..

    Nice to finally meet u again!

  2. Woit! Pecahlah rahsia aku! Mana ada orang panggil aku Bad lagi. :p
    Aku gila punya lady like sekarang ni tau! Muahaha!!!!

  3. Bad? Wow, you must have been really 'bad' to have gotten such a nickname. Rahsia bocor!! XD

    I don't find pen/book spinning cool. Cause i can't do it. SOB! Practice also tak jadi.. my hands are bit too clumsy and rough. Not meant for such fine 'arts'. Lol..


    p.s. Happy New Year and thanks for visiting eventhough i couldn't visit yours. :D

  4. Shaun,
    LOL. Yeah - there's a history behind that nickname

    I was really bad at book spinning. And Sumie is very good at spinning her pen! Kan Sumie kan?

  5. Ohh, so it you weren't like bad BAD. Just not very good at pen-spinning. Haha, well at least you could even spin the pen, i can't do it to save my life. As i said, my hands are to clumsy for such fine arts. :D

    Uhh btw, i didn't watch the video before this cause it took so long to load. I tried again and i was like "WOW!". Super fast spinning and not only in one direction!

  6. Some of my students do this in class a lot, it's pretty amazing. Mind you, it's usually when they should be doing other work....


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