Sunday, 6 January 2008

Raimie and Kiddie Rides

Jusco Ride Jusco Ride

Raimie is still at the age where he still enjoys kiddie rides. Of course he didn't ride the 50 sen rides that you can find in front of stores anymore. That will be too childish! Now, the Jusco rides are different.

All Jusco rides were brought from Japan, so it's like having a Japan experience every time we spent money at the Jusco Smart World (entertainment centre). And instead of forking out 100 / 200 yen for the rides, we buy tokens from the cashier and 1 ride is only RM1. There are Shinkansens, Police Car, Doraemon, Anpanman and even Ultraman rides.

The most fun ride for him was the Thomas the Train ride on the roof of Matsuzakaya in Ueno. It ran round and round on tracks. That was cool! (especially for a 3 year old)

He might feel he will be too old for these rides soon enough, which is kinda sad. He's growing up and I can't treat him like a baby anymore. Sob sob...


  1. bila nak datang jepun?.
    raimie suka thomas jugak ya...
    haziq dan hazim pun suka gak.
    kalau ada cite thomas kat tv, tekun jer nengok...

  2. They grow up so fast and there isn't a lot you can do about it.

    Except have more and repeat the process again.....

  3. Be thankful the only item of British railway technology that's been recently imported to Japan is Thomas the Tank engine; anything else and Japan's excellent system would be in total chaos.

  4. There used to be that train thingy in the old old Jusco (in Damansara or something) and i bugged my parents about it everytime we went there. Haha.. it was fun!



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