Friday, 21 December 2007

Japan Shopping List - Ultraman (men?) for Raimie

These are Raimie's Ultraman collection. Not that much as we are not serious collectors. We have a rule of buying only Bandai figures and will not buy the bootleg or even the Tsuburaya Chaiyo types. (As if Bandai care about our loyalty. Pfftt...) The bootleg or pasar malam (night market) Ultraman toys in his collection were mostly gifts from grandparents, aunties and uncles. Thank you guys!

There aren't many Kaijus (monster) or Seijins (Aliens) in his collection. He's given us a verbal list of what to buy next year. I'll update you guys on his list later.

We figured we will buy the latest toys (in the currently showing series) at either Ultraman Stadium or Tsuburaya Jungle. The rest, we will try and find them at either Bic Camera or Yodobashi Camera as these two shops have the best deals (i.e. cheapest) around. A stop at Yodobashi-Akiba will be inevitable.

Seeing that all were Made in China, should we be more cautious in buying his toys after all the bad publicity of Fisher Price's recalled toys?


  1. That's a lot of Ultraman toys!!

    was your statement about fisher price in relation to this post?

  2. salam aidil adha lina sekeluarga,

    Barang2 impot "Made in China" yg masuk ke Jepun ada quality control yg ketat. Kalau satu rosak, satu kontenar kena hantar balik tongsang.
    Walaupunbagaimanapun sejak huaba-huaba darihal USA rejek barang china, jepun pun dah kurang impot juga.

  3. I'd recommend the 3-box Ultra Hero Collection set kalau boleh dapat. Figures a bit small, but it looked quite complete when I saw it at the shops.

  4. I'd never thought that I will see a bucket full of ultraman lol :) Some japan shopping sites offer retail prices..

    japan shopping


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