Saturday, 1 December 2007

Something on Okinawa

I was looking for something related to Okinawa, as I stumbled across a tour package in Malaysia to Okinawa for the first time yesterday and made me think of Jahrera living there.

Many of the news I found tend to lean towards the military which I don't care much about (talking of military - I applied to join the Royal Malaysia Air force a long time ago... but no thanks (or is it thank God?) to my bad eye-sight and not up to mark Physics results. Hahaha)

Here's some pictures regarding a Moai gathering which I assume is similar to "main kutu" in Malaysia. Is that right?

Japan Update has a story on this.

1 comment:

  1. salam lina,
    pc jahrera dah dapat semula, semua kena start dari mula.
    Sekarang tengah cari semua link, lina included.
    Ye moai tu main kutu tapi jahrera paling tak suka sangat benda nie.


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