Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Teacher brings Japan to Rosewood Elementary School

Cool! I wish I had a teacher like this, way back when...

Anyway, here in Malaysia there are events organised by Japan Club (among others) like Bon-Odori, Charity sale, theater, etc. Haven't been to any of them yet. One day...(or anyone I can tag along?)

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  1. usws ( December 2007 at 06:59

    Oh wow, how did this teacher get a grant to go to Japan in the first place? Someone must have knew that she's really enthusiastic about sharing the Japanese spirit.

    It's good that she's actually bringing the real stuff back. That way, Americans (and everyone else) won't just keep assuming how Japan and the Japanese are like. All that stereotyping about the way they talk and the food they eat. Sushi sushi sushi. HAHAHA!

    Hmm, i got to go for one of those Japanese festivals too, just to see how it's like. Honestly, was never interested or bothered enough to go for any. I wonder if i am now...



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