Tuesday, 18 December 2007

These boots are made for walking

Photo of my old and battered boots. I got this pair in Odaiba for a measly 2,900yen (RM90) last year.

I always avoided buying shoes in Japan because:
1. confusion on the size (S, M, L????)
2. I don't know how to ask whether the leather boots I'm drooling at has pig skin lining.

There's plenty of boots on sale in Malaysia of course, but none caught my fancy as the ones in Japan. And the girls wearing boots in Japan - so cute!!!! How come cowboy boots (or its lookalike) are big with girls in Japan? I saw them everywhere.

Am trying to save some $$$ to buy at least another pair when I get there, but the one I'm eyeing costs 70,000yen! That much money can buy me a whole week's stay at Toyoko Inn.


  1. Cut boots! I didn't realize some boots had pig skin linings.

  2. welcome debo hobo!
    well, I can't buy of the cool Zara or MNG boots because most (if not all) have pig skin lining :-(

  3. Are those boots -really- made for walking though? Sometimes I see Japanese girls around Osaka wobbling in their boots and it looks kinda painful... Ouch.

    My wife sticks to sneakers!

  4. Lina,
    next time u come to japan, let's bunk in at my place ok, so u can save that 70,000 yen to buy the so hot boot...:)

  5. Harvey,
    I'll wobble all the way to Osaka if I look hot! :p

    I'm tempted (nak! nak!) tapi mana nak buang budak 2 ekor yg mesti mngikut tu jugak. hehehe. Bought your sweater yet? Drooling over Naf Naf jacket, tapi beli nak buat hapa dlm mesia ni. I'm depending on my trusty Zara denim jacket to last me through Japan' spring. That boot was really hot, I tell you. Knee high pulak tu. Kempunan aje la.. :P

  6. Lina,
    Boleh aje kalau tak kisah berhimpit2 kat dalam umah i yang azab sempitnya ni..kekeke
    Am having second thought about the sweater though, since encik awak has sent me one zara jacket which i believe can keep me warm...huhuh
    I sokong u beli boot tu, well as the saying goes 'pompan ngan kasut bagai isi ngan kuku' ait??..:)

  7. hi lina, those boots really kel, i do believe japanese girls really gaman to look beautiful.. pain in beautiful..doncha?

  8. alifah,
    a girl can never have too many shoes.

    ye ye biar jalan pengkau, asal bergaya

  9. usws (usws.isgreat.org)20 December 2007 at 07:22

    If you can't eat beef, can you wear leather boots? I was just wondering.. HAHA. No, i mean seriously.

    Those boots sure look cool, i feel like buying a pair of my own (guys one lah, those cowboy ones are nice). Hmm, but i wonder what i'll wear them with. Abit hard to match, and they can get quite hot too especially with our kind of weather.

    Haha yea, i mean high heels hurt too but they look so good! No no, i never tried them before *rolls eyes* Sacrifice sikit goes a long way.. i think.

    OMG, 2900 yen is RM90! That's alot!! 70000 yen would be like.. *faints*



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