Thursday, 27 December 2007

Trip to Ichiban Ramen - yet again

I got my bonus on Monday, so decided to treat both Hubby & Raimie for ramen. Decided not to go for a posh dinner - money saved will be better used in Japan. Right?

Zaini had a huge bonus this year and a promotion to boot, taking effect next year. Congrats dear Hubby (& he's paying for the trip next year. Yeay!!! May the bonus be more each year so we can always return to Japan Hihihi)

Zaini ordered the Seafood Ramen. Good Value for RM15.90. Lots of mussels, prawns, squids, crab stick, etc.

My Spicy Chicken Ramen. Nothing much to look at, but delicious!

Raimie's so-called Japanese Fried Rice. Looked like a normal fried rice to me

Raimie's favourite : Baby Octopus


  1. salam lina,
    the first thing my daughter reached spore was to eat ramen. Asked her why the first thing...cos in Japan we dont have halal ramen, came the reason.
    Ramen is the first in my list as well.

  2. Lina, sounds like you like your ramen!
    It's a shame that you can't eat it when you are in Japan, because of the pork content, but it'd be so cool to meet up with you.

    Please Please e-mail me.

  3. bestnya dapat bonus banyak... makan pun sedap kan.. isk isk isk...bestnye

  4. Kak Lela,
    itulah dia. ha lagi satu boleh try Yoshinoya juga. Ditanggung halal di Malaysia, tapi menu tak sama dgn di Jepun.

    I am Asian. Apart from rice, noodles is a staple food :-)

    bila lagi kan? Yg dpt bonus byk hubby, bukan lina. lina tumpang sekaki aje :p

  5. Lina, you are asian? really?? :-)

    Actually, here I often get the question "Can you use chopsticks?"

    I give a slightly snide smile and reply "Sure I can, but can you use a knife and fork?".

    Japanese people are as innocent as a bunny rabbit.

  6. Hahaha... shocking!

    because I'm not Chinese, some people were even surprised when I prefer to use chopsticks instead of a fork to eat my noodles!

    It was like - wow! you can use chopstick ah?

  7. Yum! Again... LOL

    I still haven't been there since the last time you wrote about it, MUST go there soon.

    Don't know what's good, so i'll just have whatever you had. Haha.. besides the 'Japanese' fried rice.

    Baby octupuses, my favourite too (besides eel and jellyfish)! I might eat them to extinction. Haha!


    p.s. Smuggle me in your luggage! Haha... SERIOUS!
    p.s.p.s. May the bonuses be more for everyone!!


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