Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Weekend Activities: Eating out at Ichiban Ramen

It's Japan week for us during the weekend because we finally restocked our kitchen with Japanese food items. Buying Japanese food stuff is not cheap here in Malaysia, so we waited until we really craved to eat the food before buying anything. I am tempted to buy the Sanma fish they're selling at Jusco for RM2.90 per fish, but have absolutely no idea how to prepare and cook the fish.

Anyway, you can only eat so much teriyaki and soba in a week, so Zaini decided to treat us for Ramen at Ichiban Ramen on Sunday.

If in Japan, we avoid Ramen at all cost due the pork broth, so we eat Ramen only in Malaysia... My fave is the kimchi Ramen and Zaini always go for the beef ramen. There are other types too but I don't think I'll try the Sapporo Ramen anytime soon. Corn in my noodles is too funky for my taste. A bowl cost RM13.90 and we get 10% discount as J-Card Members. There's bento set too, but the Ramens here are much more superior, IMHO.

What we like about this place is the fast service - very much like what we can expect in Japan, so we are pretty happy to eat here.

Update : I found a post on Ramen at jDonuts. Read it for more info!


  1. usws (usws.isgreat.org11 December 2007 at 22:38

    Oh wow, you guys have a Japanese weekends? That's so coool! I should start something over here too and eat all kinds of Japanese food. I bet it'll help with the japanese language learning process. XD

    Do you dare buy those products with absolutely no English texts on them? Some look so kawaii and all but i have no idea what they are.

    I keep hearing about Ramen but have not tried it myself. Some tell me it isn't all that nice, does it take an acquired taste to appreciate it? Or would it only depend where you have it?

    Will try the kimchi and beef ramen if i go to one of those restaurants. What is Sapporo ramen anyway? I tried googling it and thet say that the difference is that its made with miso instead of soy sauce.


    p.s. Isn't kimchi korean? LOL..

  2. beats me what is actually Sapporo ramen. LOL

    the beauty of buying Japanese product here (in Jusco / Isetan) is that they have the translated ingredients pasted on each ingredients so we'll be sure what to avoid (alcohol / pork / meat products) or else we can always harass the odd Japanese housewife who happen to come shopping ^-^. Anyway, I usually stock on the basics : shoyu (most important), miso paste, wakame, nori, japanese rice, etc

  3. Japanese weekends? Heck, I struggle to have the occasional "western days". It comes down to the difference between living in Japan and wishing you were living in Japan.

    USWS, Ramen is great. There are many types of Ramen, so it all comes down to A having time to try them out and B finding the styles you like.

    Kimchi IS a Korean food, but is is VERY popular here in Japan.

    Lina, Miso paste is very important. We often make ButaMiso at home ourselves. But I'm sure that dish isn't for you.

    BTW I LOVE the new layout, it is SO much easier to read!

  4. wishing we were living in Japan is indeed true but honestly, I don't think I'll last a month. I'm a rebel by nature (see me butt heads with HR people) so I don't think I'll function well as an office lady there. (but it's Zaini lifelong dream to live in Japan)

    thanks on the compliment. :-)

  5. salam lina,
    sanma tu buang perut dan panggang aje. Buatkan air limau pedas.
    Atau goreng dgn kunyit dan garam lepas tu buat macam sambal tumis.
    Sedap cubalah.

  6. Lina, you are very welcome!

    It looks good and is easy to read.

  7. Cooking sanma is easy. Even I can do it, and I'm no cook. Just rub a bit of sea salt over the skin and grill it until the entire neighbourhood smell fishy. If you have a charcoal burner, it's even nicer. (There's a picture of a hibachi here.

    I think it's best eaten simply, with grated daikon and a little soy sauce.

    I love those oily fish.

  8. badaunt,

    noted. now, I only have to wait for the fish to be cheap enough to buy.


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