Wednesday, 2 January 2008

2008 is here!

2008 has arrived. And we have only 72 days left for our holiday. Yeay!!!

We are actually extending our holiday from 9 days to 15 days now, as I wanted to meet some nice people in Tokyo. That means, more nights in Tokyo and adding a day at Yuzawa for our first ski holiday. Double yeay!!! (Hence the resolution to have better tolerance towards cold.

At the moment, I'm freezing in my office. So, we'll see how I last there).

So far, I did:

1. Booked tickets but yet to confirm as I don't want to pay for them too early.
2. JAL mileage points redeemed so that we can have free hotel stay. Should receive them in two weeks.


  1. Yea, but i didn't have fun. And i don't have anything to look forward to.

    Cool how you plan so early in advance, maybe i should try something like that too. Crap, i keep saying 'maybe' and 'something', sure fire signs that i'll never do either.

    I thought i wouldn't be demotivated with the Japanese and guitar thing, but i'm starting to lose.. focus, in a way. Like, there's no point to doing it anymore. No craving to want to brag about knowing how to do those things and no confidence that i even can.

    Sadnya. Or maybe i'm just disappointed i didn't get to party on New Year's eve and New Year itself. So much 'planning' and imagining but didn't get to.

    Lol, i'm crappy.. after all that whining, it boils down to something shallow like that.


    p.s. Smuggle me along.

  2. why so "emo" ni? anyway, hope your mood will better ya... it's only the start of the year.


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