Saturday, 12 January 2008

In Season Now - Fake (er... Plastic) Cherry Blossoms

Fake Flower

'Tis the season for :Plastic Cherry Blossoms. My version of early sakura viewing. Hahaha

Chinese New Year is coming and what do we see here? (Apart from stacks and stacks of beers for sale at the shops) - fake / plastic flowers adorning shops and malls. And readers, for a mere RM1.80 per stalk, you too can have a fake flower garden in your own home. No need for o-hanami session in the park - just staple a few to your ceiling.

So, what else is in store for the coming CNY? Prosperity burger at McDonald's complete with Jasmine tea. I love my tea, (I drink green tea everyday) but I just cannot drink Jasmine tea which is Zaini's favourite.
Prosperity Burger and Jasmine Tea

Anyway, I need to replenish my genmaicha stock. I got a packet from Marriott's Hotel concierge last year, but I threw away the wrapper. Now, I don't know what was the brand of the tea. I tried buying several brands that I can find here, but none taste as good. Maybe I should go to Hawaii and ask her instead.


  1. Looks a lot different than U.S. McDonald's. A lot better, in fact.

  2. I like going to McDonald's when I visit other countries because some of the selections are so different than those at home. In Hawaii, I had spam and rice for breakfast at McD's. I think in Singapore, there was McSpaghetti. I can't remember if there was Flan in Japan's McD's? I saw your site on EC.

  3. salam lina,
    genmaicha is roasted barley tea.
    The smell of roasted barley is wonderful for bringing down stress as you drink.
    First time I know that hawaian people drink genmaicha as well.
    It's everywhere in Japan.

  4. Who we are,
    does it?

    Spam and rice - was it nice?

    Kak Lela,
    She's Japanese, but now studying in Hawaii :-)

  5. Fake cherry blossoms? I didn't know there are such things. And those on that photo are lovely too!

  6. they are plastic :-)
    thanks for dropping by and commenting

  7. oh my,the prosperity burger is soooo yummy...can i get some, puleassseee!!!!


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