Thursday, 24 January 2008

Late Breakfast at Genki Sushi

Decided to take both Zaini and Raimie for a late breakfast at Genki Sushi yesterday since I dragged them out of the house so early in the morning for my physiotherapy session. It was Thaipusam yesterday, and for the first time, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya get a day off on Thaipusam! (it's election time soon, you know)

As my session took a while, Zaini and Raimie went to KLCC first and waited for me there.

Ended up spending a couple of hours at Kinokuniya, reading (looking at pictures) books. We were at the Japanese book section, which is a haven as not many people ventured there. We love Japanese books - even though we can't read them. The gorgeous photos make up for that "small" problem.

I found a guide book : JTB Tokyo : Walking Around; which is perfect for anyone looking for a travel guide to Tokyo. It has many pictures, guides on using the trains, onsens, places to eat and even where to go to dress up as a Maiko and with prices at each place too! (Of course if you are living in Japan, this come as no surprise - it seems all guide book in Japan comes complete with prices for the place's souvenirs, food, etc)

Zaini browsed the BAPE's 2008 Spring/Summer collection. There's one BAPE kids jacket that he wanted to buy for Raimie. (Should cost about RM300 if he decided to buy it in Tokyo)

For Raimie, there's always the Masked Rider, Doraemon, Conan books for him.

Food at Genki Sushi:

My Sanma Shio-yaki

Zaini's Bento
There's the crunchy daikon salad which made me think of Kak Hani's Yuzu Daikon.

This is one spicy dish. I think they put tomyam paste in there.

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  1. This is another one of my "i must try it someday" comments cause i must try Genki Sushi someday. Striking off one food outlet after another one by one from my 'must try' list but i still have lots more to go. Can't care to remember what's good here and there, i guess when the times comes.. i'll know.


    p.s. I like looking at pictures too. Especially of delicious looking food. :P


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