Sunday, 20 January 2008

Meeting Nice People in Japan

It's so nice that there are people who actually want to meet me and my family when we come to Japan. (You like me, you really like me!!!) Hahaha

I know Zaini have headaches for my penchant to meet strangers - but life will be more interesting with new friends. Right? (Anyway, I have to warn you guys, I'm not really a great conversationalist)

Contamination is nice enough to blog about my coming to Japan. I myself can't wait to finally meet the man. I'm bringing Raimie's Ultraman Zearth's mask along, if it can fit in the luggage.

Can't wait to meet Izu-kun and family, and maybe look for a pair of boots with Umi? I also wanted to visit Kak Ani who will give birth to a baby son in February (maybe sooner). Not to forget, Kak Hani in Yokohama - I've been drooling over her gorgeous food blogs from day one I stumbled on her blog. I don't know how I'm going to fit all these in the few days we'll be in Tokyo, but I'll try. Otherwise, there's always next visit, kan? (And Zaini choked on that suggestion. Hehehe)

If only we have time (and money) to also visit Kak Lela in Okinawa.


  1. How did you get to meet so many people? Solely through your blog? Wow...

    I need to make some friends before i travel anywhere. Won't know if i might need the help or company when i get there.


    p.s. It's so cute how you call all of them 'Kak'.

  2. through shameless grovelling. hahaha kidding

    A lot of them, I read their blogs way long before I decided to have a blog of my own.

    Call them 'Kak' and I feel years younger. Muahahaa

  3. wow congrats on your trip, read about it on contamination's blog.

  4. Have a nice trip! My personal Tokyo countdown timer is now ticking and I'll be flapping my stubby penguiny wings in that direction in about 2.5 weeks.

  5. jamaipanese,
    yours is coming soon... 2009 will come :-)

    lucky you!

  6. Lina,
    kite!kite!otanoshimi dane(*^-^*)
    lina ada ym x?this's mine in ye!bley chit-chat:P
    jane mata(^-^)/


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