Thursday, 17 January 2008

Old Photos - Tokyo : Shitamachi Museum

Some photos we took at Ueno Park - Part I.

Shitamachi Museum

Raimie playing shopkeeper in a sweet shop. We saw one similar shop in Ikebukuro. It was fun to look around in that shop. Very reminiscent of sundry shops in my village when I was a little girl (sans the rubber / getah sekerap smell, of course).

Raimie and Zaini trying out a traditional game

Playing house

Spending time at Shitamachi Museum was quite fun. A volunteer English speaking guide is available should one need someone to explain the exhibits. We had fun just poking through the exhibits. There are leaflets explaining each of the exhibits to further enhance your experience.

And there was a nice Oji-san who showed Raimie how to play all the traditional games. And Raimie got a nice paper spinning top to bring back as omiyage too!


  1. Such a cute little boy.

    My Son loves those kind of shops too. Though he wants to touch everything!

  2. thank you for visiting my site..hope you come back to see more rattan works here. yeah seeing that small kedai runcit kinda reminds me a my usual stopover in this one shop. Spent quite some money there.. :)

  3. Sounds like a great day! I miss the magic of taking a younger kid into a place like that, now that mine is 13 ("You're EMBARRASSING me, Mom!!")

  4. contamination,
    that was two years ago :-) yeah, he likes to touch & try everything too! Had to keep him in leash if we ever decide to go to Noritake Garden. Hahaha

    thanks for commenting. That's why - reminds me of the kedai runcit in my kampung but it was not as colourful as this one, though

    les becker,
    my time is coming soon. Now he's too embarassed if we ask him for a kiss in front of his friends.

  5. @Les, yeah kids get that way. I still remember, and regret, treating my mother that way. Sigh...

    The follies of youth.

    @Lina, a leash! That's a good idea. Though we always need to bring so much out with us, it's difficult to bring one more thing.


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