Friday, 18 January 2008

Old Photos - Tokyo: Ueno Zoo & Some Other Ramblings

Some photos we took at Ueno Park - Part II

Some dry facts on Ueno Zoological Gardens:

First opened in 1882, it is Japan's most historic zoological gardens. Has more than 400 species on exhibit.

Raimie was so scared when we went into the bats' house / cage but thoroughly enjoyed watching a baby elephant taking it's bath.

Not sure whether this is still applicable, but if you get the Tokyo Metropolitan Government "Welcome to Tokyo" Handy Guide, there's a discount voucher inside giving you discount of 120yen from the 600yen entrance fee charge.

Anyway, I think I'm getting really addicted to sit in front of the computer screen nowadays, thanks to EntreCard! I blame Contamination and Tokyo Expat for this because I got interested to join after reading their take on it. (No offense guys) Even with an excruciating back pain (I was at the Orthopedic the whole afternoon), I still don't want to be far away from my notebook.

I have three more appointments with the orthopedic & physiotherapist in line, so please pray that I will be well enough to stand straight by the time we leave for Japan! And I sure hope I won't be so forgetful like today. Can you believe that after the physiotherapy, I actually forgot to pick up my medicine from the pharmacy? So, a trip back to the hospital were needed that cost an extra hour to my journey back home! My brain is mush...


  1. Don't worry, i'm getting forgetful too... and i'm suppose to be in my prime. Haha! Notebooks are good..

    Haven't been to any zoo in a long while now. Closest were the tigers at Sunway Lagoon when i went for the X Games. Should go sometime and support them. The animals got to eat after all.


  2. Amazing that they let the panda out of its cage to mingle with the visitors. ;)

  3. Teringin betol nak g Ueno Zoo(Tokyo) dan juga Asahiyama Zoo (Asahikawa,Hokkaido)

  4. shaun,
    outside of Zoos, I'm not really in favour of animals in captivity (yet I put "Turtle" in an aquarium).

    amazing isn't it? *^_^* Especially since we were unable to see the Pandas in their cages earlier.

    Masuk Ueno Zoo tu pn setelah 3 kali jejak Tokyo baru rasa....
    Hokkaido - entah bila dapat ke sana

  5. Sou desu ne...
    Ntah bila bole g Hokkaido...
    Domestic travel mahal la....

  6. Thanks for sharing the photos. I haven't been to Japan since I was 13, and it's nice to have the memories!


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