Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Our trip soon!

Zaini submitted his leave application on Monday (last week), while I procastinated until today. I had thought of going to Japan on Mar 8, instead of Mar 15 so that Raimie won't miss school so much. But Zaini has some reports he needs to submit during the Mar 8 week, so it's back to departure on Mar 15.

Mar 7 - Mar 16 is Malaysian school holiday. And according to our plan, Raimie will not set foot to his kindie for three weeks! Anyway, this will be the last year we'll go for a trip outside of the school holiday period since Raimie is to start his Primary One next year. Don't want him to grow up thinking it's okay to cut school. So from next year on, it's holiday during school holiday only. (which means higher airfares - considering it is peak period)

I finally submitted my leave form today as we will need to confirm the flights tickets soon. Better get that leave approved before paying for that tickets!

My boss' first reaction when I told her I'm applying for two weeks' leave was : are you going to Japan again? (which is probably the reaction I will get from everyone, once they know about this) Hahaha...


  1. salam line,
    yeah mom, that rule is a way to good discipline.
    Only holiday on school holidays.
    My house rule since ancient times and has never been broken before :-)

  2. You must be so excited! Where in Japan will you visit?

  3. Kak Lela,
    I try to be, seeing that I was a wreck during school years. :-(

    We start from Kyushu (Nagasaki, Kagoshima & Fukuoka) and move up from there until we reach Tokyo.

  4. bestnya nak jenjalan.. bulan mac?..waktu waktu persiapan berpindah ke kanagawa...

  5. That reminds me, must get round to booking my own ticket for Japan. (Probably won't be with JAL though).

  6. ThePenguin,
    We always flip flop on airlines. May the cheapest flight wins! :-)

    When are you flying off?


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