Monday, 28 January 2008

Photos - Out and About

It's funny that while we had hundreds of photos of our trips in Japan, there were very few scenery photos. Now, if you want Ultraman photos, we have hundreds of them that even the guys at the photo shop remarked on it.

Here's some photos we took walking around;

At Sensoji Temple

Lotus flower at Shinjuku-Koen

Beppu's Seaside

In Terai, walking to Ultraman Stadium


  1. Have you ever been to the "Ultraman Shopping Street" (ウルトラマン商店街) next to Soshigaya Okura Station (Odakyu line)? I used to live near there, but didn't realize it existed so I've no idea what it's like.

  2. thepenguin,
    Not yet. but a couple of hardcore Urutora fans went and reported back that it was just a street that they put up a few statues and some shops selling Ultraman merchandise. The municipal website did mention about this (I forgot the address) but I may only go if they're having another Ultraman/Tsuburaya exhibition there.

  3. I like your lotus flower picture. The pink flower really stands out amongst the green. I didn't know there is an Ultraman Stadium. When I was in Japan, I would take the train and get off at various stops to explore. I look forward to more Japan photos.

  4. salam lina

    arudo debito came to give a talk on human rights issues to waseda last week and i immediately thought of you! unfortunately i read the notice board a day after the talk - so zannen deshita... otherwise i might had taken a photo of him and send it to you, huhuhu...

    nanti mai jepun, jemput la datang asakusa. be it for scenery photos, or bandai figures, or japanese food or even cheap boots - they are all available in asakusa - u just need the right guide (ehem ehem), that:s all...

    btw - thank u for sharing ur personal experience of crying buckets when it happened to u - u made me feel okay to cry when others were asking me not to... thanks.

  5. avcr8teur,
    thanks! Ultraman Stadium is in Komatsu. Not that big, I don't know why they call it a stadium...

    a.z.haida, (nak call apa sebenarnya ye...),
    yes, I cry buckets of tears and it did help me to release my sadness & apa yg terbuku. (that's why Zaini took me to Japan for the first time - utk mengubat hati luka) :-)
    kali ni dah tak duduk Asakusa kot... but we'll drop by if time permits. can or not?

  6. Haha, your blog is called Urutora No Hi after all! It's only expected.. :D

    About the Japanese films, i wouldn't mind watching the one about the murder, The Castle of Sand. Plus it's abit shorter than the other one. Would you be interested?


    p.s. I still can't belief the number of Ultramans i have never heard of. Especially the cool futuristic-looking ones.

  7. Shaun,
    I'll put a refresher post about Ultraman later, just for you.

  8. u can call me A.Z. (ae zack, not ae zee) or Azra. haida is limited to hubby & family members, hehehe

    by all means, do drop by! we'd be delighted to meet all three of you :-)

  9. A.Z,
    thanks. we'll try and find time, InsyaAllah. Hope you are doing fine and take care.


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