Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Seijin No Hi

A few fellow bloggers posted about this Coming of Age day (Seijin no hi), and I am actually quite late in posting about this. To me as a tourist, this day is a great photo op as there'll be many young adults in kimono (what do you call what the guys are wearing?) walking around. So either take photos with permission or stealthily - up to you.

Melanie has some photos she took at Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya
Shari wrote about Milestones in different countries and viewpoints
HE, a fellow Malaysian wrote about what it means to be an adult (legal to smoke, alcohol, voting)
Mama IQ had some 'makan-makan" on the day
Tokyo Tom was just happy it's a day off

Trivia : do you know that Japan has more public holidays than Malaysia?


  1. yup. i knew that japan has more holiday than msia. it was back when i was in japanese junior high school in Osaka. I was explaining about msian holiday to a Japanese friend.
    but i always feel that japan do not have that much holiday like in msia. n i wonder why....

  2. I love visiting Japan. Definitely a photographer's paradise. I remember the rare geisha girls walking through the streets. Yes, I did know about Japan's vast holidays like Golden Week.

  3. funny - people always think that Japan = work work work & no holiday.

    I like Golden Week's sale :-) but not the holidaying crowd.

  4. I want more public holidays! And a coming of age party for me!! Haha..

    I think they need the holidays, they're working too hard as it is. See how they end up needing courses on showing love to their spouses, not enough family time.



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