Saturday, 26 January 2008

Shopping for our Japan Trip

We need to buy few items for the coming trip. (It does seem like we spend way more in Malaysia buying stuff to go for holiday).

For Raimie - we need to buy new pair of jeans, thermal wear, shoes, jacket and maybe a couple of shirts. Bought a pair of jeans yesterday and look at some long johns at few shops. A decent long john for Raimie cost about RM150.00 and we'll need two of those (RM300!) Or is it cheaper in Japan? Never look for them there...

For Zaini - he's pretty set but he wanted to buy a new bag and a new camera. Though, I think he'll wait & buy them in Japan instead! We got a super cute hard-cased silver trolley bag for a mere 5,000yen last year.

For me - I need a new shoe. It's quite a challenge to find one as I know that my foot will inevitably be in pain walking so much, so I need a very suitable shoe (mere sneakers or sports shoes will not do). Probably some long sleeved blouses and a new pair of jeans too... And because I have low tolerance towards cold weather, a pair of new gloves is needed too.

Other stuff to buy will be a big bottle of moisturizer / body lotion, chapstick for Raimie, and few travel sized toiletries. I'm waiting for the pharmaceutical subsidiary of the company I work for to go on clearance sale (should be soon) so I can buy everything at 50% off. (I'm cheap, I know).

Oh, so excited!!! Only 6 weeks left before our 2 week holiday!


  1. I used to spend more on preparation that on the trip. Now I just make do as much as possible. (It's fun though, isn't it!)

    Good luck for your upcoming trip; I look forward to hearing about it.

  2. yeah, its fun but the paying part is not. :P hope you'll stay reading my blog!

  3. Yea, it was pretty expensive shopping for the things my sis needed before she went to Paris. Most of the stuff was borrowed though, like jackets, shoes and other things which she most likely won't use after the trip. I think she got pretty cheap long johns some place, we went all over looking for them.

    Haha, i have low tolerance towards cold too. I'm having a cold right now cause i was in an air-conditioned room earlier. LOL! Yea, that bad. If i ever go any where cold, i might need 3 or 4 layers of clothing. Haha! Problem is, i'm also a horrible sweat-er. I can stand still and still sweat buckets.

    Uhh, 5000yen if i remember isn't all that much in ringgit right? So it's definitely much cheaper than getting that trolley back here. How much would things like cameras cost? After conversion i mean? Less RM1000? And is there any tax when bringing them back? Uhh.. it would be cool to get gadgets real cheap! I'm cheap too. XD

    BYE! Happy shopping!

    EDIT: Went and actually converted Yen to Ringgit. 5000 yen is about RM150, still not that bad but i was expecting much cheaper. Would it be considered cheap for the Japanese themselves who earn in Yen?

  4. shaun,
    let's see - we bought PSP at RM600 less compared to if we buy them in Malaysia. Same thing as our Nintendo DS Lite (we bought the US Version because the cute colourful versions were all but sold out that time) at a fraction of what it cost back here too. The camera we are eyeing for should be RM400 cheaper in Japan.

  5. Wow, RM600/RM400 cheaper is alot saved! I want, i want! XD



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