Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Snow Snow in Tokyo

I myself have yet to touch real snow. Fake snow - countless of time. I read many blogs about snow in Tokyo, it should be fun & cold then.

Izu-kun had fun playing in the snow;
Contamination was happy to see snow falling. Sydney's winter is mild and it is summer now;
Shari talks about her room without a view;
Tokyo Expat talks about the benefit of snow in Tokyo;
Tokyo Tom has a Japanese snow plow photo in his Daily Japan Photo Blog;
HE too got pretty excited to experience snow, and Aliffah should get to play snow and not just look from the "kampung sebelah".


  1. Hi Lina, thanks for the Link Love!

    It's so COLD here right now.

  2. Hi, I love the snow! We have a dusting on the grass and the roof and expect more on Friday.

    Project Wonderful looks 'wonderful' so I signed up!!!

  3. contamination,
    I hate COLD.

    welcome to the "wonderful" comunity!

  4. salam lina,
    jahrera memang tak sanggup sejuk dan salji. Okinawa hari ini masuk 15c, itu pun hidung dah sosak-sosek!

  5. Is this close to Lake Ashi? I remember taking a pirate looking boat on the lake. It was absolutely breathtaking.

  6. lol... the novelty of snow will wear off quickly. Of course we have about 3 feet of it on the ground here total. ;)

  7. Hah, that light dusting of stuff which is only just on the snow side of sleet by all accounts really is really taking the blogosphere by storm ;). As a Penguin I laugh derisively at it.

    (Just realized in exactly 2 weeks from now I'll be sittin on a plane :-)

  8. Kak Lela,
    saya 15c bolehlah.. kalau sub zero, mesti nangis nak balik Malaysia huhuhu

    haven't been to Lake Ashi or anywhere near Hakone. GASP!

    it's always appreciated when things come in small doses

    the penguin,
    you can laugh at us now but how would you fare in summer? :P

  9. I could be an African Penguin! Not all penguins have to live in a freezer :-).

  10. interesting... I learn something new about penguin today. *^_^*

  11. I can't wait to see snow for myself too! Someone told me though, that snow is exactly the same as what you would find in those old freezers with ice all around. You can even make snowballs with those and throw them at people. Haha!

    Naw, but seeing it falling from the sky and better yet, lying in piles of it would be fun! Not to mention making snowmen and having real snowball fights.

    Of course, i wouldn't want to be caught in any snow related disasters where it can get as high as your waist or more. I'm too good in cold places, my nose is really sensitive. Just a while shouldn't be too bad.


    p.s. And a nice mug of hot chocolate after all that snow.

  12. Lina

    Takde la seronok sgt dok kat snow area ni.
    Dulu masa mula2 nak g Jepun, 1st request - Hokkaido...tup2 dapat kat Shikoku yg panas tu...merungut jer masa mula2, tapi bila dah masuk fuyu, tergigil2 even kat sana saljinya takde...kalo turun pon terus cair..

    Kali ni, kat Nagaoka lak mmg lebat salji nya...dan sejuk ooooo....budak2 la nak kena jaga jgn demam.

    Dan rasanya, kalo dibagi pilihan lagi sekali, nak g Okinawa laaaa...

  13. Lina,
    I tak sempat merasa snow kat tokyo, but fortunately enough dapat rasa snow kat hiroshima...dapat la berangan2 sekejap mcm dalam crita ally mcbeal tu...hehehe

  14. alifah,
    wa... ryoko ke hiroshima ke? was it nice?


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