Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Tickets and Frequent Flyer Mileage

We finally decided to book our tickets from our travel agent instead of buying direct from JAL. Our agent, Diners World Travel is quite good, in a sense that they don't charge service fee to apply our Japan Visa. Otherwise, we need to fork out RM30 per passport for the privilege with other agents!

Of course, now there's the fixed RM30 fee per overseas tickets charged for tickets bought through travel agents, but the amount (RM90) will be nominal compared to the hassle we need to face if we have to do the visa ourselves.

Just a bit of problem with JAL Mileage Bank membership for Raimie. Diners can't enter his frequent flyer number as it came out non existant (or something). So, I had to call JAL to rectify the problem. While they got Raimie's full name printed in the right order on the card, they entered his name in the wrong order in their database. So it was Raimie's first name entered as last name and Zaini's name entered as first name (but I remembered filling up the form correctly)... Oh well. (No wonder his mileage wasn't updated before - and I had to fax over the stub to JAL to get the mileage he earned).

Then I was informed that the birth date that I gave as confirmation was wrong. I ask how could that be - I'm his mom! I know when I gave birth to my son! (As if anyone would err on that!)

So frequent flyer matter settled. Just had to wait for the confirmed amount of the ticket prices before we start draining our current account.


  1. selamat tahun baru hijrah lina dan sekeluarga, semoga dilimpahkan-Nya segala doa yang baik.

    wah, you are very detailed about this. I can't and don't even know what that milege thingy is about.
    Tak pernah tahu pun. Rasa macam complicated sangat.

  2. Kak Lela,
    JAL Mileage Bank is good value to us. I sign up for JAL family club way back in 2004 and we can pool our mileage to redeem coupons or free flights. Works out 10,000 miles = 15,000yen worth of JAL coupon. Yearly membership is only 3,150yen. Way better than SIA as we can't get mileage if buying promo airfare. MAS gives nominal miles for promo fare. I always try to be savvy and try to get as much value for money deal for everything I buy. :-)

  3. Yea, sometimes paying a little extra to avoid all that red tape can be quite worth it, especially in Malaysian context. But i heard we're getting better though, the passport office being able to issue passports or something on the day itself.

    Not that i know since i've never done any of this paper work before. My time will come.. when i have to make calls and get all stressed up. XD


    p.s. Enjoy your trip to Japan and everything before it...

  4. Shaun,
    thanks! Yes, I do enjoy the planning stages of our yearly trip too. Call it a hobby of mine. :-)

    Passport application is getting much better and easy.
    Even NRD can be quite efficient nowadays (but perhaps not if someone took your IC from the NRD office, kan?)


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