Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Tokyo Anime Fair (TAF)

We won't be able to go to Tokyo Anime Fair this year as we will not be in Tokyo on the dates of the fair.

Anyhow, for those who contemplated in going - it is fun! (Freebies galore and chance to take photos with cute models) Well worth the 1,000yen entrance fee.
Some Photos:

I do think Zaini enjoyed this fair more than Raimie did. As for me, there were only 3 photos of me at TAF (and 1 with Spongebob!) out of almost 100.

Our bounties from this fair included free promo CDs, plastic folders, paper bags (Ultraman rules!), sweets, CC Lemon drinks by the bottles, stickers....

This year's TAF will be held from Mar 27 - 30 at Tokyo Big Sight.


  1. Haha, Raimie's expressions are just priceless. Especially love the one last one and the one where he stares up at the model.

    Uhh, how much is 1000 yen again? I keep forgetting the conversion rate... one of the most confusing ever.

    Wow, that much freebies? I guess it's only expected when there are so many animes, anime lovers and anime companies over there. Haha!


    p.s. Spongebob? Anime? Lol..

  2. I had to work during those days when I lived in Nagoya. It would have been fun to get to.

    And to answer the question on conversion. 1,000 yen is roughtly $10 US. The conversion rate yesterday was about 106 to 1.

  3. usws & chris,
    it was fun.

    MYR conversion rate to JPY at the moment is at around 3.1 per 100yen. It's gone up, I'm hopin it'll go down after CNY!

  4. Ah, I am so jealous. I would love to go to the TAF! Tokyo + Anime = Nothing Better!

    The girl in the third picture, isn't that the uniform that the military wears in FMA?

  5. Hi, I am really so fortunate to stumble upon your blog. It's really a great blog. :)

    I am planning to go tokyo by 28th Mar 2008, and yippieee.., it's the TAF time!

    May I know whether I need to register anything to get into the exhibition?

    Thank you very much for your information. :)

  6. joana,
    no idea hihihi sorry :-P

    no need. go there and pay only before entering :-). enjoy your trip!


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