Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Train Photos because We Love Trains

Like our previous trip to Japan, the upcoming trip will consist of a lot of travel time in trains, be it Shinkansens, Limited Expresses, local trains and hopefully even sleeper trains.

Here's some photos of the trains that I managed to photograph. I read somewhere that the camera's flash can be a nuisance to the train drivers, that's why most of my photos were of trains being stationary. (and it's sure is a lot easier to photograph than a moving train!)

Limited Express Haruka, photo taken at Tennoji Station. We took this train from Kansai Airport to Shin-Osaka Station and from Shin-Osaka to Tennoji.

Max Asama and the double-decker Max-Yamabiko Shinkansen.Photos taken at Tokyo Station.

Nozomi and Hikari Railstar Shinkansen, photos taken at Shin-Osaka & Himeji Station respectively. The Nozomi Shinkansen is not covered under JR Pass, so we have yet to ride in one.

In Kyushu. Limited Express Relay Tsubame and Limited Express Sonic. We took the Relay Tsubame to Omuta, to go to UltramanLand. We rode Limited Express White Sonic to go to Beppu. This Blue Sonic is for our ride back to Hakata.

Our March trip will probably include travelling in these trains : Haruka, Hikari, Relay Tsubame, Ariake, Sunrise Izumo, Max Toki, Hokuetsu and Thunderbird. We are so excited!!!!! Wait for new train our photos in April, OK?


  1. Amazing things, Japanese trains. I hate coming back to Europe and having to deal with the trains here...

    If you have a digital camera and are shooting during normal daylight, you shouldn't normally need the flash. With or without, taking a picture of a Shinkansen passing at full speed is a bit tricky though ;).

  2. Cool trains they look nothing like the ones we have here in Indiana.U.S.A Most of ours are still used just for shipping.

  3. thepenguin & steven,
    I came back from Japan and compared the two train systems mercilessly. I know I can't depend on my own country's train schedule for accurate arrival & departure time. but hey! at least they run, right?

  4. Uhh, the trains there are so cool and futuristic looking! I want i want! XD To ride them i mean.. Don't want to be push and squeezed in in the mornings though, like i see happening on TV.

    Can't wait to see the progress on our very own bullet train. YTL's in charge, i think they do what they do quite well. I think lah.. XD


  5. Max Asama, Nozomi and Hikari Railstar Shinkansen looks so nice... like right out of the galaxy ;D

  6. Shaun,
    to me, before we go ahead with any plans, we should at least try to resolve the problems faced by commuters using both the KTM komuters and Putraline, be it punctuality, comfort, ticketing system, etc. If you can survive rush hour on Putraline (esp from KL Sentral / KLCC), you'll be fine in Tokyo. At least people in Tokyo have the courtesy to give up seats to the needy.

    they look really nice, don't they? I know I owe you a tag. :-P

    but the best seats is actually on Sonic. They have really nice black leather seats in the carriages. You'll fall asleep within minutes!

  7. kat jepun ada citer densya otoko (org mania train). so u all bleh panggil densya kazoku la ek? hehehehe

  8. densha to urutora kazoku... kes kes kes....

  9. wow! those are really COOL trains! is it correct to assume that the interiors are fantastic as well? and that the ride is fast, safe, and generally smooth?

  10. Ian,
    you assume correctly. The seat are comfy and spacious, way better than cattle class seat in airplanes.

  11. I'm not sure if they were late or it was just me being impatient but i had to wait quite a while just to travel to the next station using KTM. Haha, maybe if our trains we're faster, the problem of punctuality would be solved. We'll have to start worrying about safety issues though, at that kind of speeds, they better maintain the trains/tracks properly.

    How do you give up your seats when you're packed in like a Sardine? How do you even get out of the train when all the entrances are blocked? I think i'll never get used to peakhour travel on trains.

    About giving up seats, sometimes i think too much and end up not doing it. I'm wondering if people will look at me funny and think i'm just acting nice or whether the person i'm trying to help will object & i'll malu saja. Haha! Many times when i actually tried giving up my seat, the person didn't accept. Rejection... XD


  12. better make sure no drug addicts go and cart away the tracks first before getting a bullet train here.
    if you stand near enough the seats, Japanese will give up their seat for you (only applicable to pregnant ladies, old people / people with small children, of course)

    When I was 8 months pregnant, I had to fight my seat on the LRT with some aunty. Talk about Malaysian being berbudi bahasa. I got rejection when I tried giving up my seats, but hey! maybe they were alighting at the next stop. the main thing is, I tried to help. (and don't have to pretend I was asleep on the train)


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