Thursday, 10 January 2008

Yakitate Ja-Pan!

Zaini's favourite anime at the moment. He's watching it now on Astro's Animax channel, while playing with Raimie's Nintendo DS game. I don't really follow the story, as I'm pretty much glued in front of my notebook nowadays, but I like the closing song.

It has been a few hours into Maal Hijrah 1429. To all my Muslim friends, Happy Hijrah New Year!


  1. Layan anime jugak dua beranak tu yerr...

    Su kat sini nengok Gundam jer..itu pon tggu hubby DL baru nengok..

  2. I'll have to get done with Bleach and Naruto before i start on any others. I started late with the whole animanga thing.


  3. Su,
    layan, jgn tak layan. teringat kecik-keci minat giler citer Macros.

    Naruto- seems like never ending story. hubby collected Naruto's DVD, I lost count of how many episodes now (how many already ah?)

    Bleach - this is my favourite! But only down to watching up to ep. 120. long way to go...


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