Thursday, 21 February 2008

All About Me Meme & Simple Entrecard Meme

Took me a long time to respond to the Entrecard Meme, but here goes:

First off, I was tagged by themuxicbox. I should do something as Entrecard is my current obsession apart from Japan.

Simple Entrecard Meme Instructions:

1. Read these instructions twice;
2. Drop your EntreCard at this site;
3. Drop your EntreCard at the 5 EntreCard users’ sites listed below;
4. Choose 5 other EntreCard users;
5. Copy these instructions to your own EntreCard meme article and tag (link) those 5 people;
6. Include a link to the EntreCard meme article of the person who tagged you;
7. Link to the original article “Sam Freedom’s Drop Squad - the First EntreCard Meme Known to Bloggers“;
8. Notify the people you choose that they’ve been tagged;
9. Comment below so even passers-by can drop their card at your site, too (it shows you are active and will likely return the favor)
10. (optional) IF you tag your blogs, use both “entrecard” and “entrecard meme” as tags so that others can find them AND so that we can find them all later as this grows. (If you don’t know what tagging is, don’t worry.)

Five other Entrecard blogs I love are:
1. jDonuts
3. A Singaporean in London
4. Avcr8teur
5. Cangying

Second off, Contamination of jDonuts tagged me for all about me meme. Here goes:

What I was doing;
10 years ago
Organised computer classes (Word & Excel) for staff in company and no one bothered to attend unless coerced. Spend half an hour each day walking from Menara PNB to Jalan Masjid India after work instead of taking the bus (this was pre-LRT) because I hate the horrendous traffic jam. (KLCC was still under construction). I guess that's why I was pretty slim that time. Terribly unhappy with life in general and was an insomniac. Had a married housemate who lusted after me. Weird time.

5 years ago
Raimie was born. Spend a lot of time walking again because my aunt's house (who was taking care of Raimie) had no nearby bus service. A half an hour (minimum) walk each day. Zaini was working late pretty much every day.

1 year ago
Pretty much occupied with planning for our Japan trip. Raimie went to kindergarten. I realised that if I did my TESL course that was offered to me when I was 18, I would be a very strict teacher. Coached Raimie for an English Story Telling Contest that his teacher entered him to and I was pretty much behaving like my English primary school teachers. Scary.

Drank copious amount of green tea, ate some Big Apple Donuts despite my resolve to abstain from sugary food and let Raimie play games while I relinquish my iron hold of this notebook.

5 snacks I enjoy
1.Twisties - Tomato flavour
2.Super rings
4.Pringles Chips
5.Rice crackers

5 books I like
1.Harry Potter - I have them all
2.Agatha Christie's books - I now have about 30 or so only. Sold off a lot of them due to my frequent move during my "single" days
3.Asterix & Obelix comics - have them all. I first read them when I was 10.
Bridget Jones
4.My son's story books - because I read them too!

5 things I'd do with $100 million
1.Move to Japan
2.Make sure all my family members retire and enjoy life
3.Adopt some orphans
4.Buy an island
5.Cash them out into small change and sleep on them

5 places I'd love to run away to
1.Somewhere secluded with no human in sight
5.Somewhere deep in the forest

5 bad habits and pet peeves I have
1.BH I have a short temper and I show it too
2.BH I hold grudges
3.PP People who ate messily in a restaurant especially in a fast food place.
4.PP Spoiled children who has no respect for others
5.PP People who abuse service staff for no apparent reason

5 things I like doing
1. Cry when watching sappy Korean drama/movies
2. Read books in the toilet
3. Hug my son for no reason
4. Count money
5. Disturb Zaini

5 things I would never wear
1. Pig skin
2. Anything transparent
3. Shorts in public
4. Fluorescent underwear
5. Tube top

5 TV shows I like
2.Little Britain
3.National Geographic channel
5.Dosanko Cooking

5 movies I like
1.Strictly ballroom
2.Forrest Gump
3.Bridget Jones
4.Ultraman movies
5. To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

5 famous people I'd like to meet
1.Johnny Depp - drool
2.Kimura Takuya - drool
3.Tun Dr Mahathir - respect him even though I might not agree with his opinion
4.Marina Mahathir - respect her and her feisty opinions
5.Enid Blyton - she got me hooked on reading

5 favorite toys notebook mp3 players (I listen to JapanesePod101 podcasts) toaster scale (does it count as a toy?) calculator

5 people I'd like to see complete this
1. Shaun
2. HE
3. Ummi IQ
4. Kak Lela
that's it...

& I still owe HE a tag.


  1. Lol, i still haven't got in on the entrecard craze yet. Find no point to it cause i don't visit other entrecarders to read their posts. Just drop the thingy and leave. And then stare at the worth of my widget. Hahaha!

    UGH, this memes are getting complicated. I'll just do the tag. Writing's easier than following long-winded instructions. Links here and there, drop this and that. Ahahaha!

    Asterix! My all time favourite! I don't own any though, i used to borrow them from the play center library.

    Count money? LOL.. And scales aren't toys! They're depressing! Most of the time..

    Give me sometime to complete it. THanks


  2. salam pagi Jumaat Lina,

    Many people have invited me to do this before but I never did.
    Really, I don't know what to do...ahaks!

  3. alamak lina!
    hehehe..nenanti ye kiter update blog;)

    -Mama IQ-


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