Friday, 1 February 2008

A Bit of Nostalgia

This is me in 2002, at Meiji Jingu Shrine. A lot happened to me in 2002, I decided to cut my hair short. I no longer cry myself to sleep. I was happier at a new office. And I went to Japan!

Alhamdulillah, I am now very content with my life. I have a wonderful husband who has been very patient with my aches and pain and tantrums and an adorable son who is the light of my life.

And I am also very happy that the water disruption at my housing area is ending with water coming out from the tap even if intermittently. (I can cook today!)

When I was small, the village where my late Mak Wan's (Granma) lived had no running water. When she live up on the hill, we used two wells (one for drinking and cooking and the other one for bathing and washing) Then she moved (actually, relocated by the Government) and her house was near a river (which meant flooding every rainy season). I miss the carefree days of playing in the river. But lugging few containers full of water back home was hard! She got running water when I was 13, but we kids still prefer to take our bath in the river. Nowadays, you won't catch me dead there!

Talking about water, it is interesting to know that Japanese need to pay twice for their water consumption. A friend told us that they pay for use of water and water flowing to the drain. I guess that's why water conservation is big in Japan.


  1. We pay for water twice in Germany too. The amount is based on the water that passes through the fresh water meter, which maybe isn't fair as not all of the water that comes in goes out (some of it get used for watering plants etc. ;) ).

    All the houses of my older relatives in the UK always had running water, but my mother says her grandmother's cottage in a rural area only had an outside tap and an outside "organic" WC, neither of which were fun in the British winter.

  2. I remember the "organic" WC too. at least it helps fertilizing the soil :-P

  3. Haha, i finally see how you look like. Now i can say "Hi!" if i ever come across you! :)

    Yay, good for you.. being happier and all. And for your good hubby and son too! Not forgetting the whole water shortage thingy.. :P

    Oh wow, so the Japanese pay for water that they don't drink/use up which goes down the drain? Wow.. I wonder what people will say if we had that here?

    Haha, i'll never dare bathing in rivers, especially not in the ones i've seen. If i did, it would be better if i didn't take a bath in the first place. XD


  4. shaun,
    Now I look like a fat grumpy old woman who likes to shout at people :P

    you young 'uns miss out a lot due to pollution. It's fun jumping into a murky river, you know. and get bitten by a leech / leeches... hehehe I don't supoose you ever get bitten by pacat / lintah?


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