Thursday, 21 February 2008

Bought Some Yen

Bought some Yen today. It might be too early, but as soon as I saw Yen dropped to RM3 for 100yen, I immediately changed some.

Check out the before and after picture to see the difference between my RM and Yen. Pathetic.

Before my visit to the money changer


Anyhoo, while I was pretty happy in the morning, the day turn pretty crappy after lunch. I got an earful from my Boss for something that is beyond my control. I coughed until I vomitted(!) and best of all, I lost my handphone. Argh! When it rains, it pours!

I always say that problems makes life more interesting and it surely can't get any more interesting than today for me.


  1. mak aihh..banyaknya duit!!..okanemochi ne...hehehe

  2. Yeah but those are 10,000 yen notes - so you aren't going to have many of them.

    Still, I hope you spend them wisely!

  3. alifah,
    hehehe okane=duit mochi=kuih?

    that's for 3 of us. money to be used as wisely as possible :-)

    try and pry it from my cold dead hand. :-P

  4. So you're NOT gone yet. LOL, i have been thinking that you're posting/commenting from Japan. Oh yea, March hasn't arrived yet. My sense of time is dead.

    Wow, that's all that's left? Scary! Big big denominations but so little paper. LOL!

    Yikes, i don't think i want my days to be 'interesting' like that. I'd be depressed for weeks. Anyhow, hope it stops raining for you.


  5. Sorry you had a bad day. Getting less money because of the exchange rate can get anyone sick. Hopefully, your rest of your day is better.

  6. shaun,
    rain helps things grow. :-)

    you're right. my money actually shrank three times. at least it's still cheaper to go to Japan than US. :-)

  7. ha ha ha ha, pretty interesting ...
    Yen are way too much in bundle. ummmm


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