Monday, 4 February 2008

The Calamities of Snow in Tokyo

How's everyone doing in Tokyo? Tired of the snow yet? *^_^*

It seems even in Malaysia's newspapers there's a mention about snow fall in Tokyo. Reports of accidents, flight delays and cancellations were what I read about Tokyo today.

Just hope everyone is ok and enjoying the season.


  1. salam lina,

    seeing this, I am oh so, so syukur for living on this beautiful island.

  2. Ohh, i thought they died/got injured cause it was too cold and they froze. So it's caused by falling eh?

    Hmm, but doesn't the snow absorb the impact of the fall? Besides those that fell on ice of course.. the snow it so darn thick after all.


    p.s. Haha, i wanted to read that there's snow here in Malaysia


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