Monday, 25 February 2008

Happy Moments

Happy - Happy Moments
Someone once asked me whether I regretted the path I chose in my life. I don't regret my life. What I experienced in the past shaped me into who I am now. And being happy is not just being a success in climbing the corporate ladder, having tons of money (it'll help, nonetheless) or being surrounded by material or branded goods.

I am happy for I have a job in an environment I love. I am happy I met a wonderful man that eventually became my husband. I am happy that I am now a mother to a very happy boy. I am happy that I have found peace in myself. I am happy that I get to visit Japan each year for a holiday too!

To sum up my contentment in life, here's some photos that to me showed me in my happy moments in each phase of my life.

Happy Moments with my baby brother and becoming a "big" sister

Camping trip during my school days

Happy Moments being a couple and so in love

Happy Moments as a bride

Deliriously Happy as a Mother

and seeing Raimie so Happy is happiness itself

Happy moments in Tokyo Disneyland and meeting with Pooh Bear. Raimie's first trip to Japan

Raimie's Happy Moments at UltramanLand and meeting Ultra Heroes

And there's more happiness in store in this life. I can't wait to experience them all!

And just three more weeks before our holiday! I am so Happy!

Happy - Happy Moments


  1. I always love green (erk, ada kena mengena ke ngan entry ni)..hehehe

  2. Salam Lina,

    Totally agreed with you. We make the choice.

    Ada duit banyak tapi hati susah tak guna jugak nooo!

  3. alifah,
    yes, I know why the kepekaan kepada warna itu timbul. hehehe

    bestnya kalau dua dua seimbang. :-)

  4. Uhh, you look so super happy (and pwetty) in your wedding photo. Haha, and you two changed your looks so much since then, you've got wavy hair now and your hubby has spikes. :P

    Hmm, i think i've got to find something to do that i like. Can't tahan where i am now and it's not like i'm suffering for somekind of benefit. Suffering for nothing! OMG!!

    BYE! Smuggle me to Japan! *sob*

    p.s. No idea which one you are in the camping photo. :P
    p.s.p.s. But money makes me happy! LOL...

  5. shaun,
    really? thanks...
    I'm now back to straight hair. Japanese Rebonding some more!
    me in red shirt in the camping trip photo. I was 16 then. show you how much I change during the years. :-)
    my hubby changed a lot. of course, a banker cannot sport a shoulder length hair. :p

  6. Best nyer ada gambar masa "muda2" dulu


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