Friday, 8 February 2008

JAL Coupons

Our JAL Coupons. We received it a few weeks ago. These coupon will help pay for our hotel stay in Nagasaki in Mar 08.

The rest of hotel stay will be in Toyoko Inn chain. We chose the hotel not so much because of brand loyalty, but the value. If anyone know of any hotel that offer room for less than 10,000yen per night with free breakfast, let us know. We'll be eternally grateful.

For the JAL Coupon, it was pretty easy to redeem them as I just applied online and voila! Less than 2 weeks later, JAL couriered the coupons to me. Easy Peasy.


  1. bestnya jln...dah sampai Nagasaki...kita tak sampai lagi

  2. HE,
    belum lagi. bulan depan baru nak ke sana. HE pun boleh ke sana, bawa baby baru jalan-jalan :-)

  3. ooh my....which language is being spoken above?

  4. jamaipanese,
    that's Malaysian or more specifically Malay. :-)


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