Saturday, 9 February 2008

Music Station Super Live 2007

It was on yesteday for the 1st part and again tonight for the 2nd part on Animax channel on ASTRO. Yes, we watched it late, but better late than never, right?

Enjoyed most part of it, a lot of familiar songs that I got to love.

I love to watch Kimura Takuya's dramas and I enjoyed Shingo's acting in Saiyuki/Journey to the West (even if it is not as entertaining as Dicky Cheung's version) but seeing them on stage - I'll pass. I'll just settle watching them on their SMAP Bistro when I'm in Japan instead. Hirai Ken is a different matter. He's so handsome and he's 36! I thought he would sing Elegy tonight, but instead he sang a different song.

I don't miss any of the weekly telecasts if I can help it because it's a chance for me to listen to Keigo Nihon-go which I don't get watching Animes.

Who's on?

SMAP, Tackey & Tsubasa, Hirai Ken, TOKIO, Rip Slyme, Hamasaki Ayumi, NEWS, Aiko and many more. (too lazy to type everyone's name).

Both Zaini and I enjoy listening to J-Pop (well, few of them anyway) though nowadays the songs we listen to are mostly the Ultraman soundtracks. Hehehe. Still have the Glay CDs and the Judy and Mary CDs but seldom get to listen to them because Raimie can't sing along. Hahaha


  1. lol, I downloaded teh video and it was in mah PC the whole time but I forgot about it until Animax finally show it. SMAP can't sing live tho, altho Nettaiya by Rip Slyme was awesome (if you watch the PV for it you will also get to see an inside joke during the performance) and Kuwata Keisuke's Ashita Hareru kana always brings tears to my eyes. Need more Shibasaki Kou and Kissして tho, as that was also from Galileo and the guitar was also by Fukuyama Masaharu.

  2. :-). enjoyed listening to songs on your site.

  3. hi lina, dah dengar lagu utada hikaru terbaru?..alamak lupa title...tapi best fav. singer...

  4. Sesekali, cubalah dgr lagu dr Yellow Monkey dan juga Kubokuro.

  5. hanny & Su,
    nnt saya cari lagu2 tu ya. :-)

  6. I'm uploading the MP3 version of the live tomorrow. It's a bitch to to split the audio according to songs and interview. Finally ended up with 85 files
    wait for the link tomorrow lol
    And Utada sang Beautiful World for Rebuild of Evangelion trailer soundtrack

  7. Ok, download the full concert here

  8. OMG, i missed it.. Music Station is how i know about J-pop songs that are good. But no worries since we have linkinstreet over here who's kind enough to upload everything! XD


    p.s. Is that illegal? :P
    p.s. I heart Yui, Mika Nakashima and Hajime Chitose!

  9. Saiyuki/Journey to the West
    hai..where can i get the saiyuki shingo's version..the series..?


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