Thursday, 28 February 2008

My favourite Photos

These are some of my favourite photos. Can you spot the theme here?

In front of Terai Station

Paddy fields in Terai

At Osakajokoen


  1. Is that you and your son? Looks like both of you are having a great time.

    By the way, I took lots of photos at the comic book/sci-fi convention, but I think most will be bored. Although just for you, I did take a photo of someone dressed up as Ultraman. Hehe!

  2. that's hubby and son. that's what make the photos so special.

    there were people in Ultraman costume? Cool! Can't wait for the photos :-)

  3. Haha, your hubby's carrying your son in all the photos. Do i get a prize for guessing? Hehe..

    Wow, those places looks so clean. And peaceful. Brings back vague memories of something i long for. *sigh*


    p.s. Leaving for Japan already?

  4. Bingo! no reward though...

    I left home for boarding school when I was 13. My father-in-law was working outstation leaving his son (hubby) in KL and he lost his mom when he was 13. Family time is Very important to us.

    Japan - in two weeks time. :-)

  5. Oh that is SO sweet! Made me smile. You must be such a devoted dad!


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