Saturday, 2 February 2008

On the Trains - Shinkansens & Limited Expresses

I only have a few photos of the interior of the trains we took in Japan. I'll try to take more in March. I promise!

In the meantime, enjoy these photos:

On board Shinkansen Hikari, bound for Tokyo. Very spacious indeed. The seats configuration for this carriage is 3 & 2.

On board Limited Express Thunderbird, bound for Kanazawa. We had our first eki-ben lunch on this train and got hooked.

On board Limited Express Airport Narita, bound for Narita Airport obviously. This is a cheaper option than Narita Express or N'Ex and has more stops in between. A good ride nevertheless, as we never fail to fall asleep once inside.


  1. The Keisei line is even cheaper :-) 1000 Yen from Narita to Ueno. Though depending on where you're coming from / going to, it might be more trouble than it's worth. For me it's good value because I'm usually going to a station on the Yamanote line, and the combined Keisei / Yamanote fare is less than the direct JR fare. (Though I do end up using the Keisei Skyliner on occassion, which costs another 950 Yen or so).

  2. yes, I actually prefer Keisei as the trains are more frequent, if we are staying nearby Ueno.

  3. I've only been on a shinkansen once, but it was only a short ride so it wasn't going very fast. Tokyo station is so confusing with trains on different platforms and going every which way.

  4. dear lina,
    spacious indeed and I can see somebody has his knees stretch out all the way.

  5. avc8teur,
    yes, Tokyo Station is very confusing.

    Kak Lela,
    :-) boleh melompat-lompat depan saya dlm shinkansen tu.

  6. When I was in Tokyo, I booked a shinkansen ticket to Kyoto. It was a 6+ or 7am ride and I overslept. :\

  7. lis,
    how far did you overslept? :-O
    did you get awaken by the ticket conductor?


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