Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Samurai X on TV

Gosh! I think the first time I saw Samurai X was way back in 2000/2001. Yes, that long ago. Used to be a huge fan, both me & Zaini. So it was kinda cool to see it showing again, albeit on a different channel at Astro's Animax Channel. The downside is that it's dubbed in English instead of having a subtitle. I hate dubbed programmes. Just kill the mood of the story. (I know I can change it to the original version: Japanese, but I wouldn't be able to understand them)

Even Raimie know the opening song, sang by Judy and Mary as if it's not the Ultraman soundtracks or the OAG CDs, it will be this song blaring from our car.


  1. Ooo~ I'm a great lover of Samurai X and had watched the whole series + have the whole set of comics! Simply love Zanza sooooo much! The music really caught my "ears" I think I got the sound track some where ;D

  2. Samurai X was my first favourite anime! Used to watch it everytime i could but gave up when i missed quite a few episodes. I love the way he can go from a blur fellow to a super chunted fighter and back again.

    I actually liked the English version better cause he sounded more manly there, his Japanese equivalent gets girlish at times.

    Nowadays though, I'd rather watch them in Japanese cause the voice actors know how to act the roles better. The expressions in Japanese are funnier too.


    p.s. I'm back and on track!
    p.s.p.s. Downloading them would be so much easier.

  3. dulu2 nih my favourite anime. sekarang nih hmmm...maybe dragon ball z (kes kena tengok sama ayah dan anak2)


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