Monday, 4 February 2008


The first time we used delivery service was to send our luggages from Narita Airport to our hotel in Kinshicho. We got our luggage the next day at noon.

I don't know whether location of the distributing centre affects delivery time, but when we stayed in Toyoko Inn at Asakusa Komagata, we got our luggage the same day, at 5.00pm! (With the distribution place a few shops away from our hotel).

I was trying to look at the cost of sending parcels within Japan and found its English site. The Kuro Neko (Black Cat) logo is ubiquitous in Japan. Saw it everywhere. We were impressed that even at the market, we can find this logo (which meant that shop does delivery).

As we are going to change hotels quite a bit, I am toying with the idea of sending some items to Tokyo from either Kansai Airport or from Shin-Osaka station. I might have a bagful of souvenirs for friends in Tokyo, and I don't want to subject Zaini to any extra luggage carrying. We'll see how it goes.


  1. Uhh, so the black cat = delivery services? Interesting... any reason why they chose such a logo? Anything to do with Ninjas and things like that? XD (crap, i must be sleepy.. talking rubbish already)

    Do we have anything like that around here? Is it like Pos laju or something? Oh darn, i forgot what i wanted to ask.

    Nevermind, BYE!

    p.s. I think things would get lost over here. Or stolen..

  2. Salam Lina,

    Here survise is no 1.
    Tak perlu bimbang...dulu my husband pernah tertukar beg (exactly the same beg with the other guy) di Narita airport. Beg tu diterbangkan ke pulau Hokaido! Yg saya kagum mrk boleh trace beg tu dlm masa sehari, keesokan harinya beg tu sampai ke rumah kami.

  3. Salam Lina,

    Yup!Agree with K.Rubie(*^-^*)
    Saya lak masa kat Msia dlu pernah luggage tersalah masuk flight lain(domestic je ni).itupon humang aaiii..seminggu gak la baru dpt balik...anyway,dapat balik itself tu pon dah syukur sesangat:P..alkisah tanahairku bumi M'sia yang terchenta..huhuhu

    Owh..talking about the black cat=delivery service,there's a famous Japanese anime called "Kiki's Delivery Service"(Majo No Takyuubin),but I don't think they chose the logo in related to this anime.
    Anyway,just to share with you since the story is the fifth Studio Ghibli anime film,produced, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki in 1989.And the video was so popular and sold over million copies.
    Tengok jangan tak tengok:))

  4. Shaun,
    something like Pos Laju, but wayyyy better... :-)

    Kak Rubie & Umi,
    ye ye Malaysia ku "terchenta". servis the best in the world, sampai customer nak beli barang pun boleh kena ignore....
    so far, luggage tak pernah hilang sebab tak suka check-in luggage. hangkut lah ke hulu ke hilir time transit keskeskes


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