Sunday, 17 February 2008

To Penguin With Love

This clip is dedicated to ThePenguin who is now enjoying the coldness Japan can offer.


  1. Ooh, how sweet :). We penguins get everywhere ;).

  2. Awww, penguins are cute! Never seen one in real life before.. i think. Hmm, did the National Zoo have them the last time i went? Uhh, the sounds they make are funny. Almost as good as Chewbacca. Hahaha!


    p.s. Where's the part where they kiss? XD
    p.s.p.s. You're posting from Japan? Wow..

  3. Penguin,
    lucky you. :-)

    there're some penguins in Ueno Zoo. Never seen one in Zoo Negara.
    Still in Malaysia, though heart is already in Japan.

  4. Penguins, cute.
    Penguin Burger, tasty! ;-)

    @usws, I'm posting from Japan. Can I get a wow please?

    @Lina, soon enough. I've got a present for you. (nothing big, I'll post about it tonight)

  5. contamination,
    maybe we should go out & have penguin burger sometime. ;-)
    You are in Japan - who would've guessed? Hahaha
    Can't wait for your post. :-)

  6. Contamination, these Penguin Burgers you mention, I'm guessing they're a result of scientific surveys?

  7. Yes! Every year a Japanese fleet heads to Antarctic waters to harpoon Penguins in the name of scientific research.

    Not wanting to let the resulting tissue go to waste, penguin meat has become the latest food fad to sweep the nation!

    Naturally GreenPeace is protesting the hunt.


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