Saturday, 16 February 2008

Weekend Post : Getting Star-Struck with Ultra Heroes

Earlier I posted some photos that we took of the Ultraman Statues.

Now, some photos of the meet & greet sessions with the Heroes at Ultraman Club, UltramanLand and Ultraman Stadium we took in previous years.

With Ultraman Xenon at Ultraman Club

With Ultraman Cosmos and Ultraman A (or Ace) at Ultraman Festival in Ikebukuro

With Ultraman Taro at Ultraman Stadium

With Mebius, Ultra Father (or Father of Ultra), Ultraman and Zearth at UltramanLand. Zearth was the "Chef of the Day", bringing out birthday cakes to the lucky boys/girls who celebrate their birthday there. And no, it was not Raimie's birthday.

Closing time photo op with Android Melos, Ultraman Tiga, Justice and Nexus. It was worth it to wait until they close because all the heroes will come down from the stage and walk out to the entrance.

We are coming back next month. Yeay!


  1. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer next month ;)

  2. The last time I was in Ikebukuro I looked for the giant Ultraman statue near sunshine city, it wasn't there. Sigh...

  3. Penguin,
    I sure hope so!

    It should be there during the Summer Holidays. That's the time of Ultraman Festival. I don't think the statue'll be there at any other time. :-)
    The small one in Asakusa is a permanent fixture, though.

  4. Uhh, have another one of those 'name the ultraman' contest so i can win this time! XD

    So chunted one all the Ultraman these days. So futuristic looking.. especially Nexus.

    Oh wow, left already? And i didn't say BYE yet..

    BYE! See you when you get back!!

    p.s. Which Ultra's father is that? Ahahaha!

  5. Shaun,
    not yetlah. I'm leaving for Japan on Mar 15.
    I still prefer the "hunchback" Ultraman best of all. hahaha

    Ultra Father is the husband of Ultra Mother. XD

    Oooops, Contamination - sorry I wrongly spelled your name. :p

  6. How cool, a monthly Ultraman festival? It would be fun if they had something like this in the U.S.

  7. avcr8teur,
    Ultraman Festival is held during the summer school holiday (July - Sep). But there are loads of Ultraman events (and Kamen riders too!) held throughout the year all over Japan.

  8. It is so cute to have your young one mimicking the super heroes.

  9. magdalen islands,
    :-). he knows all the respective Ultra Heroes moves by heart, after all.


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