Tuesday, 25 March 2008

At Karuizawa today

Another murder story that were in the TV today was the Lindsay Hawker murder case.It seems that the two events were on TV from morning till night. We saw the news and in-depth report first thing in the morning and again when we got back to the Hotel room in the evening.

Day 9; Monday, Mar 24 2008

The day spent at Karuizawa, shopping our ass off. If not for the cold weather, we would've covered more places, but perhaps it's just as well. I was ready to re-mortgage my house to do serious shopping there! Hehehe....

In an unprecedented act of self-restraint, I decided not to buy the pair of boots I saw and opt for a more sensible leather slip-on. OMG, but the boots were gorgeous! Knee high, with a 3 inches heel and in dark brown (my favourite color for shoes). When shopping for clothes in Japan, I keep forgetting that I always had trouble looking for my size for pants and skirts. As usual, when trying these two items on, I will get a bit depressed as I usually ended up feeling I had humongous hips. It's always depressing for any woman if their size M becomes size LL in Japan!

Zaini got himself a pair of Nike shoes and a Lego shirt. Total restraint on our part, but it was mainly because we don't have enough time.

Both trips to/fro Karuizawa were on the Shinkansen Asama. Trip back was actually about 10 minutes late. Was it because of the murder/stabbing case mentioned above too?

Monday will be our last night in Tokyo and we'll be sleeping in a train again on Tuesday. I finally asked the waitress at the shop we frequented every night since coming to Tokyo the name of the tea that was served in the shop. It was mugi-cha. Better make a mental note to buy some before we leave Japan.

Till next update, from Kanazawa!


  1. Serious SERIOUS shopping.. Oh, Nike shoes there aren't that expensive either? OMG, why is everything there so much cheaper!! It's not like they have factories there?! :(



    p.s. I might not leave for Japan after all, seeing the murder murder cases. *gasp*

  2. Now that I know you like Mugi-Cha, I'll get some for you for your next visit to Japan.

    Whenever that is.....

  3. Shaun,
    really cheap,almost half Msian price. Drool drool. lucky my new shoes not on sale, otherwise, sakit hati man!

    then I have no choice to return to Japan. :D

  4. Shaun,
    forgot to add, the mad shopping was done at Karuizawa, abt 1 1/2 hr on shinkansen from Tokyo. Branded items sold at up to 50% off.


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