Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Chocolate Banana

A friend of mine asked me to buy this Chocolate Banana cake or something for her. I am just wondering whether this item is easily found at supermarket or convenience store?

She got this from Osaka and she took this photo for my reference. The problem is I cannot see/read the brand in the photo.


  1. Hmmm.... Can't say that I recognize this one so it's likely not a big and famous brand, but if someone knows better feel free to correct me!

  2. My guess is Bourbon. The Japanese food company.

    Good luck with your search!

  3. Chocolate and Banana.. yummy my favourite, pity I have no idea where to get it from. Maybe you can make it yourself? :)

  4. That sure looks yummy. I don't know if this exists in Japan, a few stores here sell frozen bananas covered in chocolate. I like mine with nuts. Sorry, I can't answer your question about the cake.

  5. Hmm, I remember going on a wild goose chase once for something someone once found in a convenience store here and wanted again. I can keep a look out, currently my daily nutritional requirements are provided for by am-pm and Sunkus, but the only banana cakes you're guaranteed to find (at least in the Kanto area) will be from the famous Tokyo Banana.

  6. mr. salaryman,
    it's not famous? Just great!

    thanks for the link. And still searching.

    I wish I could. A friend got this from Japan and asked my help to buy a few packets for her while I'm in Japan.

    thanks anyway :-)

    I can't go on a wild goose chase since DH doesn't want me to waste time looking for other people's order. :-(
    When in Japan, Sunkus, am-pm and Lawson are essential for me too!

  7. I want.. i want.. anything at all. Haha! Branded, non-branded, banana proof (for a banana like me) or not also can. :P


    p.s. Wow, bananas.. cakes.. nuts... YUM!

  8. Chocolate and Banana.. sound delicious. In the Caribbean we have Creole Banana Bread - which is a crowd favorite. Well my favorite:)

  9. Shaun,
    LOL. BTW, e-mail me your address. I may have something for you come April. Wink Wink

    Your Creole Banana Bread sounds delicious.


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