Friday, 7 March 2008

Happy, Clean Monkeys?

These snow monkeys sure are one clean bunch. Jigokudani yaenkoen website here.

Looking at these monkeys made me think of Onsen and staying in a nice ryokan. Anyway, for the time we spent in Japan, we have yet entered an onsen. I am not particularly self-conscious about my body, it's just that finding the right place with the right budget (and Raimie is not that fond of hot bath). It's hard to enjoy a nice hot bath when your son nags all the time about how hot it is.

If anyone harbors any hope of sharing the bath with these monkeys, read this post especially Ben's reply.

We have some links to gorgeous photos of outdoor onsen but let me go dig them first. I know its somewhere...


  1. We stayed at a resort close to Mt. Fuji which had an onsen. I was hoping it would be a co-ed one so my husband could join, but it was separated between men and women. I went anyways and I felt very strange. I figured I would try it out since no one knows me so I couldn't really be embarrassed.

  2. avcr8teur,
    I guess, but I do hate being alone and doing something "alien" with no one for backup support. :D


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