Tuesday, 18 March 2008

In Japan, Update

Day 1; Sunday Mar 16 2008

Flew over Naha at 6.33am. Immediately thought of Kak Lela and what is she doing at the moment.

Went straight from Kansai to Huis Ten Bosch. From Hakata, we took the Huis Ten Bosch train there. As a result, we sat in total for 13 hours in both airplanes and trains to get there. Ughh... Aside from the theme park itself, nothing much to do. We checked-in to Nikko Hotel Huis Ten Bosch, which is very reminiscent of Genting's First World Hotel. Small room and rows and rows of them in one floor. But they do have nice pajamas.

Bored of the park and hotel, we made ourselves lost in Kawatana. The station master at the rather small station was very helpful to us despite the language barrier. Looked for konbinis, but cannot find one nearby. Decided to hop on the seaside liner train back to Huis Ten Bosch Station. From there, we walked about 400m to find a Family Mart. Madness.

Saw a mikan tree at the roadside, and decided to nick one. Bad lina, bad bad lina...

Day Two; Monday Mr 17 2008

Hopped on the Relay Tsubame to Kagoshima-Chuo. A completely cool ride. The Tsubame train was so fast, we didn't feel it whizzing along.

Lovely train inspectors in the Tsubame train. You'll be forgiven thinking they are Flight Attendants. Can't resist a chance to take photos with one of the inspectors as she was really nice to Raimie. I know Zaini wanted too, but scared I might punch him in the face should he ask her to take photo with him. Hahaha...

Sorry for being ignorant, but is Kagoshima's pride products got something to do with black pig/boar? It was everywhere...

Day Three; Tuesday Mar 18 2008

Whole day of fun with Ultraman at UltramanLand! Need I say more?

First ever experience to ride in a taxi in Japan (not first time ever. Hehehe) We wanted to take the bus, but seeing hordes of teenagers waiting for the same bus, we'll definitely won't be able to board. Taxi cost was 1,900yen for a 15 minutes journey. Journey back was on the Nishitetsu bus for 390yen per person.

Happy? Indeed.


  1. Lina,

    Alhamdulillah selamat semua.Have a nice trip ye

  2. thanks dear! planning to have a nice time. :-)

  3. Buses are usually good but NekoBuses are better..

    Seriously though, first time in a taxi?????

  4. Contamination,
    the buses was excellent. But taking a bus in Tokyo was a bit of torture for us, as it took such a looooong time to reach our destination.

  5. salam lina,

    I follow you everyday in Japan now.
    Tracing your journey.

    At 6.33am?
    Baru habis solat dan membuat doa sahabat dan sanak-saudara semua dijauhkan segala malapetaka, masa itu.

    Apa-apa permandangan yang pelik dan cantik, jgn lupa beri pujian kepada-Nya, subhanaAllah.

    Take care.

  6. Kak Lela,
    Subhanallah. dan Alhamdulillah kerana berpeluang menikmati keindahan ciptaan Allah.


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