Monday, 10 March 2008

Itinerary - Departure date

Our flight itinerary from KLIA on Mar 15. Arrival at Kansai Aiport on Mar 16, bright and early at 7.00am. And we'll be shooting off to Nagasaki from Kansai to spend a night there.

Raimie now is seasoned enough to sleep in airplanes without much problem. I probably spend the night watching shows over and over again and requesting cups and cups of drinks from the Flight Attendants. Hopefully, the flight is not full so that we can have some space for Raimie to lie down. Buying a cheap seat has its disadvantage, as we don't have the privilege to choose our seats online or even check the plane load beforehand. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

I still have 5 working days before leaving, and I'm pretty sure it'll be a hectic one.

Thankfully my office move is postponed to next month, otherwise I might come back only to find they forgot to allocate me a table. LOL.

Things to settle before flying off to Japan:
1. Pay our apartment's service charge
2. Pay credit cards
3. Make sure the automatic feeder for Raimie's pet "Turtle" is in working order
4. Empty out the refrigerator and finish up any perishable food
5. Check again my souvenir list
6. Do my hair. It's a mess and I need to look good in my photos. Hahaha


  1. U guys have 5 more days to set off. We have 5 more days to leave d country :P

  2. farah,
    back for good ke, back for the holiday? sama-sama kita have fun yek!

  3. back for holiday je. we have at least 3 more years here :D

  4. I'm jealous. I'd love to fly to japan, no matter what it's for. :D

  5. Yoshi,
    well, it's only what, 13 hours from US? Just think of all the ramen you can find there. :D

  6. dear, my number is zero kyu zero - kyu ichi yon zero - ni yon yon go.
    nanti blh set up nak jumpa kat asakusa :-)

  7. Salam Lina,

    Irasyaiiiiii...welcome welcome. For how long are you going to stay here.
    Kalau singgah Nagoya habaq na!

  8. A Z Haida ,
    InsyaAllah, ada masa kita jumpa ye... tapi maaf, kali ni tak dapat bawa petai, sebab takut kecut... lambat lagi ke Tokyo.

    K Rubie,
    kami di Jepun 14 hari. Dlm perancangan, tak singgah di Nagoya. Tapi mana tahu, ada rezeki, tiba-tiba kami jejak pula bumi Nagoya.

  9. So It's time for the final count down then. :-)

  10. salam lina,

    have a safe trip, be covered warmly as the weather is still chilly.
    If you pass the cloud of Okinawa islands, don't forget to call out my name hehehe!

  11. contamination,
    yep and I just realised that I haven't bought a thing for you guys there. I'm in panic mood now!

    Kak Lela,
    Thanks. Saya siap beli jeket tebal sikit tahun ni, sebab tak tahan sejuk. I'll definitely say and think your name when we pass by the island. Eh, lalu ke?

  12. Now you've announced your schedule, it's warmed up nicely :-). Have a nice trip!

  13. Panic Panic PANIC!


    Make a list.

  14. Penguin,
    lucky it's not my fart that warm up the weather! Hohoho

    You should see my list. I have list for souvenirs for people in Japan, people in Malaysia, things to buy, things to pack, documents to bring, hair cut appointment, work stuff to delegate... ugh!

  15. Number 6 is definitely the most important. HAHA! Lol, what do you mean by 'turtle' anyway? And there's such a thing as automatic feeders? Cool..

    I can help with the perishable foods. :P Anyhow, enjoy yourself in Japan and have a safe flight there & back!


    p.s. BYE again in advance.. for when you actually leave.
    p.s.p.s. I want an automatic feeder for myself. And an automatic cleaner and and and..

  16. darling,
    if u ever dropped by to Kak Ani's mansion in Shibuya, please do not hesitate to inform me ya..i'll meet u there...
    p/s: ada rasa macam YB nak melawat kawasan tak??..kekeke

  17. shaun,
    you definitely do not want my perishable. :p
    now go and concentrate on your studies. shoo shoo... hahahaha

    nak pegi, tapi tadak guide lah. umi tengah bleeding, mana leh jln-jln. be my guide? (tgh buat muka kesian ni...)
    p.s. I perasan mcm Nurul Izzah aje, melawat constituency. muahaha

  18. Lina,
    I'll be free like a bird after me at 090-3914-3355...ok?will be happy to assist you, nanti kita gi umah kak ani...

  19. alif, I'll only be in Tokyo on 21, 23 & 24th. So how?

  20. alahai...apsal kejap beno?? 24th shud be fine then...just ring me ok??

  21. hi lina,
    stumble ur site thru entrecard.

    cuti2 malaysia ke di jepun?

    oo ada kerja


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