Sunday, 23 March 2008

Japan - Playing with Snow

Hard to believe that we've been in Japan for a week and have a week left for our holiday.

Day 7; Saturday, Mar 22 2008

Caught the Tanigawa Shinkansen at 9.50am from Ueno Station to Gala Yuzawa station. The train was quite full with holiday makers, who mostly stopped at Echigo Yuzawa station.

As we didn't have the proper clothes for playing in the snow, we decided to rent them. We rented pants, jacket, boots, gloves & hat (the whole deal) with a sled for 3,000yen per adult and 1,000yen for child for half day rental. Even though the rental forms were in Japanese, there were instructions posted on how to fill them up. Luckily for us, a staff came and help us fill the form up. Raimie got a relatively new jacket with 'Cars' logo on it, and Zaini's jacket was not too bad looking either. Me, I look like a bag lady. Huhuhu...

At the Ski Pass' counter, there is one "English" counter with two Australians (said so on their name tags) manning it. Even at the rental counter, we were lucky to get an Aussie guy to assist us. At least, there was no lost in translation moments here. :D

Raimie literally rolled around and dived into the snow upon reaching the kids area. Having a child tagging along is a perfect excuse for me to act silly and hide my 'jakun'ness playing with the snow. It was fun sledding with Raimie, and racing on the sled with him and Zaini.

Our initial plan was to spend time there until 6.00pm, with train reservations already made on the double-decker Max Tanigawa Shinkansen at 7.04pm. But Raimie somehow got the inside of his boots wet, and was shivering by 3.00pm. There was nothing else to do but to went down to the Ski Centre, change clothes and return them and head to the souvenir shop! Bought a few boxes of omiyage for friends back home and Raimie wanted to eat Manjou, so we bought a box for him.

Made our trip back on the Max Tanigawa at 4.02pm and got seats on the 2nd Floor. Arrived Ueno station at 6.04pm on the dot. Raimie by this time was completely exhausted, having refused to sleep earlier in the train and chose to play with his Nintendo game instead. And he was still fast asleep when we reach Ikebukuro station.

Sunday will be a relaxing day I guess, with only a visit to Kak Aini's home in Shibuya slated for the day. Can't wait!

Back in the hotel room, he asked for the game that "Uncle Contamination" let him play. Oh no! He remembered about that!


  1. your husband dulu @ sekolah brickfield 1 ke??? saya di sana ...81-86....n masa tu duk di kg kerinchi...hehehe...tadi tak sempat nak sembang byk...dengar org sembang je pun dah seronok...hahaha but korum guys tak cukup la...

  2. Nash,
    Senior Zaini la ni... dia 83 - 88. Dulu duduk kat Abdullah Hukum. Kalau ada dia pun, bukannya bukak mulut pakcik sorang ni. Muahaha...

  3. Uncle Contamination?? OMG!!

    It was just LocoRoco, so that's about 2 years old. I'm sure you could pick it up S/H very cheap..... Sorry for getting him into it.....

  4. yes, Uncle Contamination. :p
    all things well as we got him a new Shin-Chan game instead.


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