Saturday, 22 March 2008

Japan - Tokyo Update

Day 6; Mar 21 2008, Friday

Arrived Tokyo safely, early in the morning before the start of morning rush hour. It was raining, so it was COLD! My hand was in pain from the cold. Poor Raimie, luckily we got him to put on a thicker jacket. The strong wind was no help either.

After sending our bags to the hotel, we went to McDonald's and spent time napping there. Even drinking coffee was not enough to keep me awake. We were there until 9.30am, then we head off to Sunshine City. When shops opened at 10.00am, we browsed through the shops, and went to the Disney store. Raimie wanted to buy something for his classmates (and reminded me to buy for the 3 groups in his class) so we need to look for something that would appeal to 5 and 6 year olds.

Went back to our hotel at noon to stow away our umbrellas. Lucky for us, because when I checked my e-mail, Contamination from jDonuts had sent me e-mail 2 hours before informing that he's coming to Ikebukuro.

We had a nice chat at Andersen's and Contamination kindly let Raimie played with his PSP. He mentioned that he bought me some Japanese tea earlier in his blog and he brought something extra for us too. A box of chocolate crunch he bought at Sea Paradise.

We then went to Yodobashi Camera, as Raimie wanted to look at some toys (Bic Camera in Ikebukuro is not cool enough for him). He bought the Ultraman Mebius' Phoenix Brace form to play with the Imit Mebius and the Prometheus from Ultraman Dyna that we bought for him at Yodobashi Camera in Hakata.

After buying the Ultraman toy, we went to look at some iPods. Contamination, keep us posted if you decide to get one!

Raimie wanted to open the chocolate crunch that Contamination brought for us, but as with my Japanese tea, we'll wait until we are back in Malaysia to open it.

Thanks again Contamination!

For dinner, we had a nice hot meal for a change after many meals bought at either the depato or from the train station. A nice grilled saba, with miso and rice for just 590yen, at a shop where we used the coupon machine to order (finally my limited knowledge of reading Hiragana and Katakana came useful). Came with free tea too. It was delicious.

I so need to change the clock of my notebook to Japan time. Here I was thinking it is only 11pm, but in actual fact it's already reaching midnight. No wonder my two boys were already snoring away.... Zzzzzzzzz


  1. Haha, the part about you sleeping at McD sounds real funny. Especially when you just put your bags at the hotel.

    Uhh, blogger meet up! FUN!! All the way in Japan somemore. By the way, are iPods cheaper over there in Japan?

    BYE! Enjoy yourself somemore..

    p.s. Don't luku me!

  2. Lina
    Seronok sgt terima call..tapi tak puas la 3 minit!!! Rasa cam terpinga-pina bila dengar bunyi " kelekik!!" (time off)

    Tak sabar nak tunggu Sunday ni..ramai-ramai, jom kita borak habisan. Ajak sama Abang sayang dan Raimie. Sebab ramai kawan dah kata nak mai.

  3. I'm so glad that you guys liked them, I'm also glad that you all had a good time yesterday. And I love the photo, that's what I'd have taken if reversed...

    Let me know how the tea is, it was a reccomendation from my wife. I didn't want to buy traditional tea if you didn't have a pot to go with it. So those are simple and you can enjoy them at work.

    I'll be drinking your coffee on Monday, as Sat-Sun are my Starbucks Days.

  4. sorry tak dapat nak pergi la Lina ke rumah Kak Aini...musim2 perpindahan...

  5. Shaun,
    Yep, we were McRefugee for a while. There were others doing the same too, so we were not doing anything out of the ordinary. XD

    iPods, I forgot how much it was already. I'll check them again when we go to Yodobashi Camera.

    Don't malas-malas... now go finish up your homework!

    Kak Aini,
    Apa nak buat... telefon free. Try telefon dari bilik, mcm ada problem aje...

    I nicked your idea to take photos of the two omiyage from you. :P
    An in-depth report will be in order...

    tak ada rezeki kita nak jumpa. Selamat berpindah randah!

  6. For USWS
    An Ipod Classic in Japan:
    80G ¥29800 160G \42800

    In America
    80G $249 160G $349

    Currently it's about $1=¥99 so quite a bit more expensive in Japan. Though you need to consider warranty.


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