Friday, 21 March 2008

Japan - Update

Day 5; Thursday, Mar 20 2008

Weather was better yesterday. Sunny enough for us to take the ferry to Miyajima. Raimie was so excited to see the very tame deers on the island and spent time counting every single deer he saw. He called the deers - roondeers (reindeer). Hehehe. Spent about 10 minutes sulking as Zaini didn't allow me enough time to look at all the souvenirs shops, but I did buy something for Raimie's teachers.

There was this American man in front of us while queuing for the ferry, and I was very tempted to take photo of his backside. I've never seen a man's hips so big before, it's at least double my own hips! Hahaha... The things I find interesting while travelling tend to be weird sometimes.

After lunch, we went the the Atomic Dome Park, taking the tram and spent time there before walking back to Hiroshima Station. Anything that is less than 5km is always within walking distance for us.

For the first time ever, in our now already 5 times visiting Japan, we experienced train delay. There was a delay for trains bound to Kanazawa and as a result our train at Shin-Osaka (that we have seats reservations) were late and we won't be able to catch our night train from Kanazawa to Ueno if we decided to wait for it. So, we hopped on a Limited Express Raicho train, but unfortunately were able to get seats only in the smoking section. I know it was not Zaini's fault, but I decided to give him the silent treatment for the whole two hours we were in the smoking car. Poor guy. (Hey, what are husbands for if not to get blamed for every single thing that went wrong? Hehehe.... You know I love you, kan? kan? Sorry for always giving you a hard time) The train we took was actually an hour and a half behind schedule. No idea what was the reason...

Luckily the Noto midnight train was also delayed. We were able to catch the Noto train and off we go to Tokyo and arrived in Tokyo at 6.20am.

Non-smoking car is way better than smoking car, not only because the lack of smoke, but also it is brighter and the seats are more spacious (at least to me) in non-smoking car. By the time we managed to get seats in the non-smoking car, I stank like a chain smoker. Ughh...

Because the midnight train was half empty, we were able to occupy double seats for each of us. Raimie slept like a log, Zaini slept after a while, and I spent the night tossing and turning. After the ticket inspector checked our tickets, he pretty much left all of us in the car alone, so everyone was free to get seats elsewhere.

It was quite OK spending the night in the Noto train. It didn't have sleeping compartments (our initial plan was to take the Sunrise Izumo from Okayama that has sleeping compartments, but there were only one seat left). Around 12.30am, (I forgot upon reaching which station) the lights in the train were dimmed and there were no more announcement made until reaching Tokyo area).

There was a ladies only car, which is a bit better, because there were blankets provided in that car. As it was a reserved car, I was unable to spend the night there.

A note of "Jakun"ness, I saw my first snow at Echigo-Yuzawa station. Cool and cold!


  1. now @ tokyo ke..??? kak aini bagitau you n family will be going to her house..n i thought you ada tinggalkan comment @ my fotopages...hehehe...have a nice vacation

  2. thanks! guess we'll see you & your family at Kak Aini's house, come Sunday.

  3. Naw, it's not jakun-ness if we don't have snow over here otherwise mostly everyone would be one. I won't comment about the giant hip thing though. :P

    Terrible, blame your hubby for everything. Haha.. Hah! So Japan does have its inefficient days. And when they do, everything goes wrong huh?


    p.s. Can bring back snow as a souvenir.. so at least i'm excluded from being called a jakun. :P

  4. Shaun,
    don't defrost your fridge for a few months and hey presto! You can get your own snow and make snowballs! LOL


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