Thursday, 27 March 2008


Day 11; Wednesday, Mar 26, 2008

After a gloomy start early in the morning, the weather turned better after 8.00am. We hopped on the Kanazawa Loop Bus (fare: 200yen per trip or 500yen for a day pass) and went to Kenrokuen.

It was easy to see why it is one of the three noted gardens in Japan. When strolling in the park, I felt I was transported back to 17th century. Sakura was not in bloom yet at the garden, but we were able to view the plum blossoms.

But our stroll in the garden were cut short due to the rain. We dashed to the nearby Kanazawa Museum of Contemporary Art.

Even my desire to visit the Omicho Market before our stop at Kenrokuen were not to be due to the weather. I don't know whether there'll be a next time for us to visit Kanazawa. Maybe we are not fated to enjoy Kanazawa as our visit last year were marked with rain too and dashing to pick up Raimie's lost jacket.

At least we got to experience drinking the tea laced with gold leaf, sakura tea and plum tea in Kanazawa. However, I can't say that I'll be drinking more 'salty' tea in the near future...

Reached our hotel at 4.00pm, and all of us decided to take a nap. A nap indeed. We slept until 10.00pm! And Raimie slept through the night and only woke up the morning after. It was a wonder he was not ravenous when he woke up!

Anyway, saw on TV about the teenage boy who shoved a man into the path of an oncoming train. My first thought was whether the man had any children that will miss him.

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