Saturday, 8 March 2008

Malaysian 2008 Election

I had something that I wanted to post today, but the results of Malaysian Election kept me busy and glued to news on TV and online. A lot of upset, my area of Lembah Pantai was won by Nurul Izzah (Anwar Ibrahim's daughter).

Opposition has taken over Penang and Kedah and maintain power in Kelantan. And latest news, Selangor and Perak too. Interesting to note that after the news that BN had lost its 2/3 majority, TV Stations did not bother to follow up news coverage.

People power rule! Rakyat has spoken.

Check out the result at Malaysiakini and TheStar Online.

PM's post-election press conference video here.


  1. thanks lina for the latest update. we checked online but sume lambat la nak update.... Glad Izzah menang :) no offense k?

  2. I like Shahrizat as my Wakil Rakyat (no because she's under BN) because I feel that she fought for her constituency and aso for Women's rights, but I cannot ignore the discontent felt by the general population of Lembah Pantai.
    Wind of change for our Country, kan? Time for our Pemimpin to buck up and listen to the Rakyat.

  3. I love the new Entrecard. I'm a little surprised that you were brave enough to go there.

  4. wahaha! Naw, we just stand at the entrance. I don't have a death wish yet. LOL

  5. sad news is sarawak here only 1 DAP won (kuching), i hope the coming sarawak state election will make a big & new change...

  6. amei79,
    Sarawak and Sabah are still under BN grip, as does my homestate, Pahang.

  7. ia satu pengajaran samaada BN or BA...sekurang-kurangnya kita dan mereka mempelajari sesuatu...

  8. HE,
    betul tu. Harap mana-mana parti politik yang memerintah tidak lupa yang rakyat pandai menilai dan peka akan tindak-tanduk pemimpin.


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