Saturday, 1 March 2008

Muddy Fun in Chiba

Dairokuten-no-Hadaka Matsuri in action

Can't believe how many spectators there were... and how hard it is for me to check on more in-depth facts and infos on this mud-slinging festival.

Let's just hope that this year's harvest and the children's health will be good this year, if just for the sake of these men who brave the cold just wearing fundoshi.

See more pictures at Samurai Dave.

There's one festival I would like to see, even though it had drawn many negative comments from acquaintances on why I should be interested. The festival? The Fertility Festival. The photos I would take there would surely be commented in length here. Hahaha


  1. I think they outdid themselves with the fertility festival.. it used to be about pleasing some fertility God/deity so they could get children. This one pula.. UMMM. It just gets everyone horny. LOL!


    p.s. I wouldn't dare play with the mud here in Malaysia, smells like cow dunk sometimes. Eee..

  2. Japan always has the most interesting festivals and celebrations. By the way, you asked me about my comic book/sci-fi event from last week. A big Star Wars show will be coming to Makuhari in July 2008 if you're interested. I'm debating whether or not to come to see it myself.

    Regarding the Shaking Man photo, he really does have many hands and legs so it's not something I'm doing in my photograph.:P

  3. Shaun,
    yeah, well...
    they smell like cow dung because most probably there is cow dung inside. LOL

    noted. :p


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