Thursday, 13 March 2008

My Extra Luggage

Zaini probably wish he can strangle me right now as I want to lug a few extra items along.

I bought some items for friends in Japan, not much and most definitely not special but I hope they'll like it. I am a bit worried about some of the frozen spices I'm going to bring (not in photo) as I'll only come to Tokyo on 21st (change of plan from 20th) after spending a few nights in Nagasaki, Hakata and Hiroshima.

Contemplating of sending the stuff to someone in Tokyo when I either reach Hakata or Nagasaki and ask them to keep it for me for awhile. (How do one ask to send frozen stuff via post office, by the way?) I don't know whether anyone is willing to keep them for me, but I'll keep my fingers crossed! Otherwise, I'll just send them to our hotel in Ikebukuro... as Zaini had refused point blank to carry them. Even my womanly wiles cannot sway him. Huhuhu.... Don't blame him though, as I always hatch some scatter brain ideas, one after another. (That's why he loves me, I know. Muahaha)

For Contamination, instead of buying the Ipoh White Coffee, I bought him Ali Cafe coffee with Tongkat Ali. Hope he'll get extra "energy" drinking them. Hehehe


  1. Uh wow, tongkat ali's scientific name sounds so much cooler. haha! I see mamee monsters! And those asam asam stuff.. do they allow foodstuff on planes?

    I like your "huhuhu"s. HAHA!


    p.s. I need more energy! :P

  2. Contaminated coffee? Is that really what you meant? Maybe i just didn't get the joke...

  3. that's why you should read the link too... and it's not a joke.

    I'll be checking them in. susah lah, Changi Airport is strict. Why Changi? Cos transit there... dun wan to carry them in and out.

  4. Frozen food? Do they let you take that in?

  5. thomas,
    so far so good. no idea whether ok at Kansai though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    Signing off from KLIA. :-)

  6. online dimana2 selatan je ke? add ada di blog

  7. HE,
    ada rempah rendang - tapi semua stok dah dipos ke Umi... lagi 2-3 hari, kami sampai ke Tokyo. :-)

  8. Sounds good to me, just as long as I get to finally meet you!

  9. Thanks for the coffee, it looks great. Though I think I won the race to see who blogged first. :-)

  10. contamination,
    the coffee contains a well known aphrodisiac popular in Malay world. :D
    Sorry we were not such a great company... Maybe we were the one who should drink that coffee...


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