Monday, 17 March 2008

Safe and Sound in Japan

Yatta! We've arrived and safe in Japan.

Despite some reservations about my luggage and Zaini's declaration that he'll pretend he doesn't know me if I were to be stopped by Immigration or the Customs, me and my 10kg bag of frozen items and dry spices made it safely to Japan.

Getting through the Immigration was smooth and painless, albeit a little slow due to the finger-printing exercise. First thing we did was to get our JR Pass. Then, while Zaini sorted our schedule and get reservations for our shinkansen trips, I went to the Post Office to send a parcel to Okinawa. Then off I go to the Luggage Delivery counter to send my bag off to Tokyo.

While I can access internet free at KLIA and Changi airport, Kansai Airport had only coin operated computers...

I'll update more later, I need to reciprocate drops to Entrecard members now.


  1. Coin operated computers? It comes with internet I supposed? Ok, dumb question there.

    Haha... I can totally imagine myself paying extra for internet just to drop cards... haha...

  2. penguin,
    thanks. having a blast so far, riding the shinkansens.

    c k,
    yeah, I am an addict...

  3. Glad you made it safely!

    We are leaving on the 24th of March and arriving in Narita on the 25th after a transfer and overnight stay in Haneda, we will be on our way to Asahikawa, Hokkaido on the 26th.


  4. Charles,
    have fun in Hokkaido!

  5. Hooray for you! For the safe landing and all. Lol, coin operated computers? Wow.. they have those too, huh?

    Uh, and you're surfing on the the train too? Cool!


    p.s. "I need to reciprocate drops to Entrecard members now." - In Japan? OMG! Thank goodness my entrecard's screwy.

  6. shaun,
    what to do. I am an addict :p


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