Sunday, 2 March 2008

そんなの関係ねぇレゲエ (Sonna no kankei ne reggae)

I saw a bit of this clip in Music Station and couldn't resist looking them up at YouTube.

Way easier to my eyes than Kojima Yoshio's skit. Seeing a grown man energetically pumping with just a speedo on is not visually fun for me.


  1. salam lina,
    when Kojima do this act, he put on only his tight underwear. Those reggae people should follow this too, afterall if they want to imitate, why not do it all the way, right?
    I saw the actual reggae group doing this reggae dance, and I say to myself, how easy for people to imitate foolish things from other foolish people.
    The truth is, Okinawa folks do really see the joke with Kojima' act. Kojima is born in Okinawa...memalukan rakyat jelata!

  2. at least the reggae dance doesn't involve speedo wearing. Kalau tak, naya! huhuhu
    Kojima orang kampung Kak Lela ye? Well, at least people harp about him being in Waseda Uni... even though his act is a tad "foolish".

  3. So.. these are like Japanese blacks? Or are they asians acting as Jamaicans? Haha.. I'm confused.

    That Yoshio fellow doesn't look Japanese, i wouldn't be able to differentiate him from a Malaysian Chinese.

    Lol, they removed the video of him. Too obscene? XD


  4. they're Jamaican.

    I think it's more of copyright issue than being too obscene.


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